A simple plugin for a simple task. Let your important users (VIPs, donors, admins...) join your server regardless of its full status. No more being blocked from admining your own server due to another player being present! No more kicking that poor player for being there! Reserved slots for the guy who hates to kick his players.

And for fun, a custom kick-on-full message, including the ability to add color!


Bypass the full status of a server


Define the kick message for the server when full. Define colors with a & for the color code, and && if you want a '&' in the message. For instance:

&cServer Full

looks like Server Full instead of normal boring white!

Warning: This plugin does not care how many players join the server that have the permission node. Do not assign the permission node haphazardly. Always know how many players your server can hold.
Second Warning: Some permissions plugins foolishly don't grant permissions until after a player has joined the server. There is nothing I can do about this. Complain to that permission plugin developer.

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