This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



This game is the more advanced big brother of a well known, very old Minecraft mini-game... Spleef!

Snowfall is a turn based strategic take on Spleef. Each player is given a pumpkin at the start of their turn, they must move before placing said pumpkin, once they have placed their pumpkin, they will be unable to move until their next turn.
The objective of the game is to be the last man standing on snow. Place pumpkins and stand strategically to ensure you can't be stopped from moving! If you cannot move, you will eventually lose!
Each arena can be given its own set of different rules, such as no sprinting, a different number of pumpkins per turn and even forcing a player to wear a pumpkin on their head the whole game!



  • Sign wall to show arena information.
  • Interactive signs on sign wall (Left click to join, right click to spectate).
  • Easy arena setup.
  • Automatic arena regeneration.
  • Unlimited number of arenas.
  • Unlimited number of players per arena.
  • Customisable options per arena.
  • Easy arena manipulation (Enable, disable, starting and stopping, reloading per arena).
  • Spectating of each arena.
  • Automatic game start after configurable time.
  • In-game voting to start the game early.
  • Per player statistics.
  • Monetary rewards. !!Requires Vault and an economy plugin!!
  • Multiple languages!




Bugs? Errors? Problems? New Ideas?

If you find any bug/error please post a comment, or submit a ticket! You can also send me any ideas you have for this plugin. If you do /sf arena setup and you get an error, remove all items in your inventory. Sorry about that, the bug is going to be fixed in!



Video behind inspiration for the plugin, made by generikb
This is not a video of the plugin itself. This is the inspiration behind the plugin. The video shows how Snowfall is played in Vanilla.



This plugin is multilingual, we have several languages already translated, and we're planning on having even more!
Click here to see languages we currently support!



  • UltraSnowfall
    • Fixed a critical bug with people disconnecting while spectating an arena!
  • UltraSnowfall
    • Fixed multiple players being able to stand on a same block, stops games ending with many people standing on the same block forcing people to jump in on their turn.
    • Fixed sign wall not updating once a game started.
    • Added amount of played games and wins to /sf stats.
    • Added new arena option - potions. Automatically gives players specified potion effects.
    • Added Snowmen automatically dying, and don't drop any snow.
    • Added new language - Norwegian.
    • Added configurable option to enable/disable timers shown on xp bars. Does not affect timer messages in chat.
    • Added configurable option to disable all commands (except /sf) while playing or spectating to prevent cheating.
    • Added update notifications (also configurable) when a new version of Snowfall is available. Message is sent to an OP when they join the server.
  • UltraSnowfall
    • Fixed issues with plugin manager plugins.
    • Fixed holding shift over lava teleporting you into lava.
    • Fixed skipping a player when someone dies.
    • Fixed occasional error during server shutdown, if economy plugin unloads first the 'winner'of active arena cant be rewarded.
    • Added new arena option - pumpkinHelmet. Forces the player to wear a pumpkin during the game.
  • UltraSnowfall
    • Bugfixes to v0.9.9.0.
    • Release Type: Beta.
  • UltraSnowfall
    • Initial release.
    • Release type: Alpha.


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