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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Not long ago I came across this plugin request by _wilson_, consisting of a copycat plugin like codename_B's paintball plugin. I didn't ever try a paintball server before and decided to give it a shot. I discovered it was actually "new" on the server's market and had great fun with it. It's quite addicting. But the request thread closed following an argument between codename_B's plugin's server admin and other users. As I couldn't release my own version of the plugin on that thread, I decided to create a BukkitDev project for it and fully support it.


Snowballer is a fully-featured Paintball plugin. In a nutshell, it has the following features :

  • Speedball gamemode support (Automatically creates a game every 10 seconds).
  • No configurations needed.
  • Easy terrain and spawns setting.
  • Easy front-end for the users.
  • Spectating system.
  • Shop and progression system.
  • Very polished (Using features such as sound on kills, colored name plates, vanishing and more!)


Snowballer has a very simple front-end for the users.

  • /red : Joins the red team in the speedball pool.
  • /blue : Joins the blue team in the speedball pool.
  • /random : Joins a random team in the speedball pool.
  • /spectate : Allows spectating of speedball games.
  • /pool : Shows who is in the speedball pool.
  • /points : Shows currrent points.
  • /rank : Shows current rank.

On the other side, it has deep information querying system for admins. Administration of the plugin goes trough the /snow command.

  • /snow createterrain [terrainName], aliases : /snow ct [terrainName]
  • /snow deleteterrain [terrainName], aliases : /snow dt [terrainName]
  • /snow createspawn [terrainName] [teamColor], aliases : /snow cs [terrainName] [teamColor]
  • /snow deletespawn [terrainName] [teamColor] [spawnId], aliases : /snow ds [terrainName] [teamColor]
  • /snow spawns [terrainName] : List terrain's spawns and ids.
  • /snow terrains : List terrains.
  • /snow hub : Sets the location where users spawn back on game ending.
  • /snow speedball : Toggles speedball on/off.
  • /snow tp [hub/terrainName] [spawnId] : Teleports to hub or terrain name and optionally spawn id.
  • /snow info pool : Like /pool
  • /snow info player [playerName] : Shows informations on player.
  • /snow set points [playerName] [numberOfPoints] : Sets a player's number of points.
  • /snow set rank [playerName] [rank] : Sets a player's rank.
  • /snow shop create : Makes the target entity a shop.
  • /snow shop delete : Removes shop behaviour from target entity.
  • /snow shop list : List registered shops.


snowballer.admin : Allows usage of administration commands. snowballer.nomessage : Removes player notification about Snowballer.


Snowball typically doesn't require any configurations. Here are the defaults :

friendly fire: false
speedball: true
speedball delay: 10
change name plate: true
invicible players: true

Progression system

Snowballer features a point, rank and progression system. For now it is strictly linear. From the player's side, all they see is one (or more) shop entities (eg. a testificate), right-click him to get the next ranks and upgrades coming with that rank. Upgrades could be anything, but Snowballer currently only supports armors and number of snowballs at game start. The system should be quite intuitive from looking to its configuration file, progression.yml.

All suggestions will be completed, in time.


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