Snowball Fight

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Snowball Fight!

Snowball Fight is a plugin based on a new, super-popular game I created on my server!

It is currently being coded, and all sorts of ideas and whatnot are being bounced around the staff and players on GA for it, and it should see release some time.

The basic idea behind the plugin is this: up to 15 people (one per color of wool) are spawned into any arena that a server owner chooses. They are given a spawn with an unlimited snowball sign, and an unlimited carrot sign, and will fire snowballs and punch other players into lava, fire, the void, anything deadly!

Even though it's a SUPER simple idea, it's gotten very popular on GamerzAddiction, and my goal is to bring it to as many people as I can!


  • Current planned features include:
  • Up to 15 players per game
  • Multiple Arena Support
  • Prizes for winning (items and money)
  • Lives
  • Stats (Kills, death, losses, wins, losses)
  • Fully automatic game starting


I'm not sure if I should use BattleArena to make this plugin (note the poll on the plugin), so for now I'm coding a non-battlearena version. If it seems like people want a BA version, I'll code one for that, and probably release both versions. However, I'd like to see some other opinions on that decision.

Are you a Plugin Dev?

If you are, we are looking for some help in coding this plugin. I myself am very new to java coding (though I'm trying to learn), and could not only use the help in coding the actual plugin, but also could use this as a learning experience. So, if you'd like to help make this plugin a reality, just send me a PM, and we can start something amazing!

If you'd like to see what the game is all about, come to the server where it all started! A staff member will gladly try to start up a game so you can experience it as well

Expected Release

As the plugin is still being worked on and worked out, I'm not entirely sure. I'm shooting to have a working version by the 1-year anniversary of my server, GA, on the first of June. However, any experienced devs could help speed the process up greatly!

Current Development Status

I have finished a help menu setup for the plugin, running off of /sbf help <admin | user | arena>

This is now 100% fixed and working. I'm now going to start work on a BattleArena version of this plugin, which I will release on a different page than this (When it is complete)

I want the plugin to have a good-looking help system from the start so nobody can ever complain that they can't find commands or how to use them. I am now starting work on the creation of arenas and setting the spawns for said arenas(this is something I've never done before with plugins, so it may take a while).


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