Use the latest version of ProtocolLib if Sneaky doesn't function in other worlds (such as the nether or the end).

Sneaky is a small but versatile plugin that simply allows players to only appear to be sneaking at all times, without having to hold down the sneaking key.

Many plugins offer a similar ability, but they may cause glitchy movement or trigger anti-cheating measures as they modify the player state on the server-side. To avoid these problems, Sneaky applies this effect on outgoing packets destined for each player, ensuring that any modification is purely a client-side illusion. This approach also permit us to selectively disable the sneaking effect, allowing (for instance) your operators or superusers to see through it completely.


Up-to-date developer builds of this project can be acquired at my Jenkins server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


This plugin requires ProtocolLib to function! Some features also require Vault.


  • Toggle persistent sneaking on and off by calling /sneak
  • Operators can toggle the sneaking of other players by calling /sneak [player]
  • Operators are (by default) not affected by the sneak effect.
  • Set the maximum duration a player can be sneaking in a single go, and a cooldown time until the sneak command is available after a use.
  • Customize the duration and cooldown on a per player or per group basis. Requires Vault.


There is presently only one command - /sneak

If no parameters are specified, the sneaking of the sender will be toggled provided the permission sneaky.sneak.self is set.

Operators, or players with the permission sneaky.sneak.other, can specify a player in the second parameter other than themselves. The last parameter sets the desired state - either on or off. If not included, the state will be toggled.


sneaky.sneak.selfToggle automatic sneaking for your own playertrue
sneaky.sneak.otherToggle automatic sneaking of other playersop
sneaky.hide.autosneakWhether or not to hide all automatic sneaking for this playerfalse
sneaky.exemptIf set, the player is not bound by any cooldown or duration limitop

It is also possible to customize the duration or cooldown for a specific player by setting the permission info nodes (see the documentation of your permission plugin of choice) sneaky_duration and sneaky_cooldown respectively. This feature requires Vault to be installed.

For PermissionsEx, this can be done like so:

     - Members
      sneaky_duration: 15
      sneaky_cooldown: 5


The standard configuration file allows you to customize each notification message, with custom colors using the character '&' instead of 'ยง'. You can also set the maximum duration of a persistent sneak effect along with the cooldown until it can be used next (in seconds):

  # Sent when sneaking has been enabled. %s is replaced by the player name.
  enabled_sneaking: Enabled automatic sneaking for %s
  disabled_sneaking: Disabled automatic sneaking for %s

  # Sent when the cooldown has expired and sneaking can be activated again
  cooldown_expired: Automatic sneaking can now be activated.

  # Error message sent when a player tries to use sneaking before the cooldown has expired
  cooldown: Sneaking is disabled for another %s seconds

# All in seconds
 # Amount of seconds until sneaking can be used again
 cooldown: 0  

 # The maximum number of seconds sneaking can be on in one go
 duration: 0


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