Sneaker - Now for 1.6.X & 1.7.X!

This server plugin will allow for the name-tags above players' heads to vanish. Well not entirely, but you can only be seen by another player if you have a direct line of sight to him/her, you are withing a few blocks, and there are no walls between you. You will appear to other players as if you are sneaking, yet be able to move at the normal speed of walking or running and also be able to jump. This means if you are outside someone's house or in a cave, nobody will know you are there because they wont be able to see your name-tag. No name tags!


  • Effectively hide your name-tag from others
  • Can be hidden using a command, or automatically when you enter a certain light level
  • Torches break when hit with an arrow (configurable)


  • /sneak This will toggle whether or not you yourself are sneaking
  • /forbidsneak <Player Name> This will not allow the player to use sneak at all. Overrides permissions, not able to auto-sneak, not able to use /sneak, not able to sneak in dim light.
  • /allowsneak <Player Name> This will undo what /forbidsneak does to a player


  • sneaker.sneak for /sneak
  • sneaker.forbid.sneak for /forbidsneak
  • sneaker.allow.sneak for /allowsneak


  • Anything you suggest


#set this to true if you want everybody who logs into your server to be sneaking
auto-sneak-all: false
#set this to true if you want everybody to be able to use /sneak
sneak-allowed-for-all: false  
#set this to true of you want torches to break when hit with an arrow
arrows-break-torches: true
#At what light level and lower would you like players to automatically sneak? set to -1 to disable
sneak-at-light-level: 5
#Set false to disable the messages
show-message-when-sneaking-in-dark: true
#A list of players who cannot /sneak. Overrides permissions
- Username


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