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Status: Update in progress...
Latest version: 0.1.1

This plugin is inactive. There will not be any update soon.

CB: 1.5.2-R1.0


Server Management Plugin (aka SMP) is a plugin which help manage the server fully in-game. All of these can be done without stop the server (only reload server at most). These included all necessary utility for your server.

Upcoming features

SMP will be split into a part of plugin module which you can install it individually. This makes SMP easier to extends the feature and update each plugin module.

  • Module-based plugin, drop 'n done
  • Multiple-Clipboard system?
  • Each module will be improved (by the time plugin updated) as it's not the same plugin anymore.

Current Features

  • File Manager
    • List directory
    • Change directory
    • Create new directory
    • Download file
    • Unzip file
    • Move file/directory
    • Copy file/directory
    • Delete file/directory
    • File Management mode
  • YML Configurator
  • Plugin Manager
    • Install/Update/Load
    • Enable
    • Disable
    • Reload
    • Unload
    • Remove/Uninstall
  • Pending queue system (Update/Unload/Uninstall plugin before server stop)
    • Unload
    • Update
    • Uninstall
  • Multiple-File selection
  • Disable /pl command (optional)
  • Vault-optional (default is for OP)
  • AutoUpdate
  • Tweak for plugin
    • Plugin Help
    • Plugin Configuration
    • Asynchronous operations (move,copy,delete,download)
    • Per-player data storage

Green - Finished
DeepSkyBlue - Partial finished
Orange - Not started

How to install

Put the .jar file in Plugins folder and run the server...


CheckForUpdate: trueLet's SMP check for update?
EnableAutoUpdate: trueLet's SMP update itself if update is available?
EnableFileManager: trueEnable File Manager
EnableYMLConfigurator: trueEnable YML Configurator
EnablePluginManager: trueEnable Plugin Manager
DisablePlCommand: trueDisable /pl command (need to be OP or have permissions)
LogPluginLoad: trueLog all plugin loading error messages
LogFormat: '&cError: &e%exception%|&cDetails: &e%message%'How it display. (%exception%, %message%, %localizemessage%)
StartupDirectory: .Default directory for File Manager
UseASyncOperations: trueUse asynchronous operations
ShowHiddenFile: falseShow all hidden files and directories when listing
ReadYMLAsNormal: trueRead .yml file as normal format (see details in YML Configurator commands section)
ShowOnSet: falseShow file content after set value to node
SaveOnSet: falseSave file content after set value to node
UseASyncDownload: trueUse asynchronous download mode
EnableOnLoad: falseEnable after load plugin
DisableOnMarkAsUnload: falseDisable after mark plugin as unload or uninstall
UseBukkitUpdate: falseUpdate plugin by putting it into update folder (and let's bukkit update for you)


SMP can split into 4 parts which is...
Server Manager : Main command for plugin update/version
File Manager : Main command for File Manager
YML Configurator : Main command for YML Configurator
Plugin Manager : Main command for Plugin Manager


  • Please note that...
    • /servermanager command is OP-only
    • /servermanagerhelp command can be use when you have permissions to use one of all managers
  • smp.*
    • description: Gives access to all SMP commands
    • children:
      • smp.FileManager.use: true
      • smp.FileManager.edit: true
      • smp.YMLConfigurator.use: true
      • smp.YMLConfigurator.edit: true
      • smp.PluginManager.use: true
      • smp.PluginManager.edit: true
      • smp.PlCommand: true
  • smp.use.*
    • description: Gives access to all managers commands
    • children:
      • smp.FileManager.use: true
      • smp.YMLConfigurator.use: true
      • smp.PluginManager.use: true
  • smp.FileManager.*
    • description: Gives access to all FileManager commands
    • children:
      • smp.FileManager.use: true
      • smp.FileManager.edit: true
  • smp.YMLConfigurator.*
    • description: Gives access to all YMLConfigurator commands
    • children:
      • smp.YMLConfigurator.use: true
      • smp.YMLConfigurator.edit: true
  • smp.PluginManager.*
    • description: Gives access to all PluginManager commands
    • children:
      • smp.PluginManager.use: true
      • smp.PluginManager.edit: true
  • smp.FileManager.use
    • description: Gives access to FileManager
    • default: op
  • smp.FileManager.edit
    • description: Let you download/rename/move/copy/delete files/directories on your server
    • default: op
  • smp.YMLConfigurator.use
    • description: Gives access to YMLConfigurator
    • default: op
  • smp.YMLConfigurator.edit
    • description: Let you edit yml file on your server
    • default: op
  • smp.PluginManager.use
    • description: Gives access to PluginManager
    • default: op
  • smp.PluginManager.edit
    • description: Let you install/enable/disable/reload/update/uninstall plugin on your server
    • default: op
  • smp.PlCommand
    • description: Gives access to /pl commands
    • default: op

Important Info

  • To unload or uninstall plugin. Please make sure you're using CB version that matched with SMP (according to safeguard policy and this will be fixed as fast as a new update release)
  • Managers can be enabled/disabled via config.yml file only
  • Plugin will always asked for confirmation before unload/uninstall
  • Edit YML file with YML Configurator will remove all comments
  • Move/Copy/Delete/Download directory/file without asynchronous mode enabled can cause of server lag

Known issue

  • Reload server via update/delete may cause of fall of the world. (New system should fix this, wait for testing)

Plugin Conflicts

  • KUrlLogin (Tested on CB1.4.5-R0.2 with SMP v0.1)


[A] = Add
[F] = Fix
[I] = Improve
[R] = Remove

v0.1.1 [#1.5.2-R1.0]
[A] Add support for CB1.5.2-R1.0
* This version is a alpha testing for module system. All new features (if any) might not work as expected

v0.1 [#1.3.2-R1.0]
First SMP public release

v0.1 PB [#1.3.2-R1.0]
First SMP private build (known as PlManager) released


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