What It Does

This plugin is a simple Elevator plugin that differs from many others in one way: It makes blocks float up and down in any size as an elevator. Currently it only supports one floor for now, but more will be added.

How To Make An Elevator

To create an elevator, use the command /se create <type> <height> {wait time after button} {wait time at top} {speed}. It will then ask you for several block selections: The elevator cuboid, the riding cuboid, and the upper and lower floor buttons. For the speed argument, anything under 0.3 is a bit jumpy but slow, and anything above 0.5 goes a bit too fast.


  • Spring Elevators (0) - These elevators go up, pause, and go back down.
  • Toggle Elevators (1) - These elevators only go up and down when the button is pressed.


None yet


To install this plugin, first download PatPeter's SQLibrary here. This basically allows me to use some high-efficiency databasing to store all the elevators. Then, just download SmoothElevator and stick it in your plugins directory and your good to go!


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