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✔Smileychat is a simple standalone plugin that gives more life to Chat✔


  • Use Smileys/Emoticons in chat! ± 80 smileys!
  • Up to 15 customizable smileys!
  • 1 line ascii-art
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Use Smileys on signs!
  • Use Smileys in Books!
  • Use Smileys in commands! (example "/say *sun" outputs "[server] ☼")
  • Chatcolor support! (when using a chat plugin that uses colors) (example "&4:)" outputs )

book sign


  • /smileychat can also be /sc
  • /smileychat Get information.
  • /smileychat reload Reloads Config.
  • /smileychat smileys [type] Shows list with all smileys. [type] can be "misc", "weather", "cards", "directions", "chess" and "zod".
  • /smileychat art Shows list with all ascii-art smileys.

compatible plugins

  • Latest version of SmileyChat has been tested and CONFIRMED WORKING on 1.7.9-R0.2 with:
    • Essentials/Chat - 2.13.1
    • mCore - 7.2.1
    • Factions - 2.4.0
    • heroChat - 5.6.7
    • mcMMO - 1.5.0
    • AutoMessage - 2.5.2 - Use this command: "/am add <list> [index] [Message with smileys]"
  • SmileyChat has PROBLEMS with these plugins:
    • LiveChat (Chat: ✖, Signs: ✔, Commands: ✔)
    • mChat(Chat: ✖ except /global /local, Signs: ✔, Commands: ✔)




  • More Ascii-art
  • You want a smiley to be supported in Smileychat? please make a ticket/message for that smiley!
  • Suggestions are welcome!


  • Problems? Please use the ticket system! I WILL NOT ANSWERS TO PROBLEMS IN THE COMMENT SECTION!
  • If you think the smileys are too small, use a bigger font.( as shown on the minecraft wiki this will be possible in future mc versions.)


Smileychat metrics

Disclaimer: This plugin uses Gravity's plugin updater and Hidendra's metrics system to collect statistics about my plugin and your server/users. If you wish not to use these options, please disable them in the config. "Update-check: false" and Metrics/config.yml "opt-out: true" I am not responsible for any damage to your server and/or PC.


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