Smiley ㋡

This plugin is ported to Nukkit (MPCE server platform)!

Smiley adds things like to your chat, signs and books... Smiley

Smiley signs

Smiley books

Features ㋡

  • Display special UTF-8 symbols as smileys (like this one: );
  • Edit the list of smileys and easily add custom smileys;
  • Using smileys in chat, in commands and you can type messages with smileys on your server console;
  • Smileys can be colored (text color will persist).

Why do I want it? ㋡

If you need to see on your server something like "㋡ " — you need Smiley

How to use it? ㋡

  1. Install
  2. Type ; ) to get ㋡ Etc...

Commands: ㋡

  • /smile — Show inventory with Smiley-book. Take it and learn smileys :)
  • /smile config — Show current configuration
  • /smile reload — Reloads configuration
  • /smile list [page] — Displays list of available smileys

Permissions: ㋡

  • — allows use of smileys in chat
  • smiley.sign — allows use of smileys in signs
  • smiley.command — allows use of smileys in commands
  • — allows use of /smile command (to get book with list of smileys)
  • smiley.config — allows use of /smile command and receive version update notification
  • smiley.list — allows use of /smile list command

Configuration ㋡

To configure the plugin, you must edit config.yml or smiley.yml file and then type /smile reload in game to reload configuration from the file.


  check-updates: true     # check updated version at 
  language: english        # current language (russian is built-in)
  language-save: false   # if true language will be saved as *.lng file
  console: true                # allows to use smileys at console
  commands: true           # allows to use smileys at commands
  colors: true                   # use colored smileys (if false - all colors will be removed)
  default-chat-color: '&f'  # default color of chat


':cloud:': '&b?'
':bio:': '&5?'
':rmb:': '&6?'
':food:': '&a?'
':umbrella:': '&3?'
':moonr:': '&a? '
':star:': '&e?'
:-): '&6?'
:D: '&6?'
':snowman:': '&f?'
:(: '&c?'
:): '&6?'
:-(: '&c?'
;): '&6?'
':sun:': '&6¤'
':ship:': '&3?'
':moon:': '&a?'
;\: '&6?'
':cccp:': '&c?'
':nuke:': '&6?'
':death:': '&4?'
':peace:': '&e?'

Want More Smileys? ㋡

Click Here To View A Massive List Of Cool Smileys And Stuff!

Servers Using Smiley ㋡

  • Please Leave Needed IP's/Web's/Name's In The Comments!

Want Your Server On This List? Leave Your Server Name And IP In The Comments! We Will Come On And Check You Have The Plugin Installed, Then We Will Add You To This List! Simple! ?

ToDo ㋡

  • Add A Cofig Option Where You Can Select How The Config File Is Displayed. e.g. Either UTF-8 Or Smileys
  • Anything Else? Leave In The Comments!

Metrics and update checker ㋡

Smiley includes two features that use your server internet connection. First one is Metrics, used to collect information about plugin (versions of plugin, of Java.. etc.) and second is update checker (required to find newer version of Smiley at If you don't like this features you can easily disable it. To disable update checker you need to set the parameter "version-check" to "false" in config.yml. Obtain more information about Metrics and learn how to switch off it, you can read here.


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