This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

I coded this plugin when I was still new to java, so the code is unusable and broken. I'm putting this project as abandon for now. I will update it sometime soon, but that is an unknown time. May be in the near future.



Smash is a new plugin, similar, but yet very different from the plugin seen on "the shotbow network"

Over the last few months there's been lots of plugins like this, but none ever seem to be release or has no effort at all but in it; however, this one aims to be the best! This plugin has lots of features to make it achieve the greatness of the idea of Smash.


  • Arenas
  • Items spawn around the map
  • Double jump
  • Ground-Pound!
  • Death upon falling out of arena
  • Respawn time
  • Spectating
  • Lobbies
  • Config for EACH arena/map!
  • Block Physics! (Falling/Flying)
  • So much more!


  • /smash (Base command)
  • /smash help (Shows all the commands)
  • /smash redefine <arena> (Reset area of an arena)
  • /smash stop <classname> (Forces the current game to end)
  • /smash lobby (Sets the arena lobby)
  • /smash forcelang (Forces the current language file to be written)
  • /smash save (Saves current settings of your arena)
  • /smash remove <arena> (Removes the specified arena)
  • /smash death (Sets the death point where you must wait to respawn)
  • /smash select <arena> (selects your current arena as your World Edit selection)
  • /smash setenable <arena> [true|false] (Enable/ disable an arena)
  • /smash score (Shows the score of the current game)
  • /smash setspec (Set spectator spawn)
  • /smash list (List all created arenas)
  • /smash join (Join an arena)
  • /smash leave (Leaves an arena)
  • /smash addpickup (Add item in your hand to spawn in the arena)
  • /smash create <name> (Creates an arena) you have to select a region with WorldEdit!. it has to be at least 15 blocks long!
  • /smash close (Closes the current game and kicks everyone from it)
  • /smash listpickups <arena> (Lists all pickups)
  • /smash start (Forces the arena to start)

Creating an Arena

  • Step 1: Select 2 World edit regions (Pos1/Pos2)
  • Step 2: /smash create [Name of your arena]
  • Step 3: /smash lobby (sets the lobby where you're standing) (remember to /smash select [name]!)
  • Step 4: /smash setspec (Sets spectators spot where you're standing)
  • Step 5: /smash death (Sets the death area where you're standing
  • Step 6: /smash +p (number/name) (Adds the item you're holding to the map)
  • Step 7: /smash +s (number) (Adds a spawnpoint with the number you specify you need 4 spawns minimum )
  • Step 8: /smash save (Saves all your current arena settings)
  • Step 9: /smash join (Join the arena!)

    You can change score-limit & player-limit in arena configs. (located in the arenas folder!)


    description: Gives access to all commands
    default: op
    smash.create: true
    smash.use: true
    smash.list: true
    description: Gives access to the creation-commands
    default: op
    smash.create.points: true
    description: Gives access to the spawnpoint modification commands
    default: op
    description: Gives access to the join-commands
    default: true
    description: Gives access to the list-commands
    default: true
    smash.list.arena: true
    smash.list.spawn: true
    smash.list.pickup: true
    description: Gives access to the listarena-command
    default: true
    description: Gives access to the listspawns-command
    default: true
    description: Gives access to the listpickups-command
    default: true


Suggested plugins to go along with this
RealisticTNT (For the Shotbow explosion effect)
RegenBlock (For having the map reset upon explosions)

Other little plugins that are good for putting items on the map


Servers using this plugin

Comment your server IP to get it here!

Having a problem?

If you have a bug, error, or any other problems with the plugin, please create a ticket from the little button on the upper right-hand corner of this page! I will try my best to fix all problem you may have!


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