SmartGolems improves the golem AI in such a way that they now attack players! You can decide which players you have your golems attack and customize how the players are decided. In addition this plugin supports both Towny and Factions, meaning the wrong person will never get attacked!

This is a very easy to install, drag-and-drop program. No work whatsoever! There are permissions, but they are limited and easy to configure. The defaults work for most people!

If you would like to test the plugin, you may do so at, though the server is survival so you will have to gather the resources yourself.


Documentation is kindly hosted by the EnderNexus server team. You can view it here.


SmartGolems has no configuration it works out of the box!

Permissions allows players to view the smart golem help menu, defaults to true.
smartgolem.friend: allows players to add and remove friends, defaults to true smartgolem.enemy: allows players to add and remove enemies, defaults to true
smartgolem.allySafe: allows players to toggle “allySafe”, defaults to true.
smartgolem.friendmode: allows players to toggle friendmode, defaults to true.
smartgolem.*: gives all permissions.


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