This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

< . . . Description . . . >

  • SmartChat is a Core with Chat Functions, divided in Modules, this is a list of Modules and their Description:

    • Colored Names: makes names of online players (when written in chat) appear with configurable COLORS and/or FORMATS, also, you can config only a custom list of names instead all Online Players.

    • Smart AFK: Players talking to others AFK with the /safk command, will recieve a message telling the Player is AFK (or just don't want to be disturbed).

    • Custom Multi-World Chat Channels: adds independent chat channels with a configurable group of worlds, that means, you can make a channel with world1 and world2, and another channel for world3 and world4 (for example). This Module will also tell a player (when enters a new world) the world in which they've entered and the rest of the worlds in this channel.

      < . . . How to Use . . . >

  • All modules are ON by default, you can enable/disable them as you wish.
  • In the config file you'll find all information you need to configure the plugin and their modules, but there're a few tips:
    • Remember you can choose a custom list of players instead all online players if you don't want all names get a special format.
    • To use the SmartAFK feature just get the permission "sc.user.commands" (or get OP), and write the command /safk, players who write your name in chat will get a message telling you're AFK (you can also continue playing or wathever without losing this AFK state, until you write the command again).
    • You can add up to 5 channels for char worlds, if you don't want to use some of them, just let them with a fake world name, this will increase the performance by ignoring those channels cause the worlds doesn't exist in the server.
    • Of course, you can select if you don't want players get any message like the world they've entered or which worlds are inside a channel.
    • Finally, you can choose between 2 languages Spanish and English, or edit them as you wish, the files accept Bukkit Color and Format Codes.

      < . . . About the Plugin . . . >

I always wanted to add this features in my servers, and no one coded them, like the color names for online players or custom channels per world without adding any command.

< . . . Commands . . . >

  • /sc-reload : reloads the config.
  • /safk : puts yourself into a SmartAFK mod, so when players say your name they get a message telling you're AFK/busy.

    < . . . Permissions . . . >

  • sc.admin.commands : access to the /sc-reload command
  • sc.user.commands : access to the /safk command

    < . . . Next Features . . . >

( I wish you to have the last word in this, so please comment, and tell me what do you want in the next version! )

  • Fix some "last format" messages.
  • Add infinite amount of customizable channels.

    < . . . Changelog . . . >

  • v1.4
    • Huge Update, added "Custom World Chat Channels" module.
    • Now all functions are divided in modules, that you can enable/disable.
    • Added language files in spanish and english, you can select between them of edit the files as you wish.
  • v1.3
    • Fixed problems with SmartAFK system with custom name list.
  • v1.2
    • Added optional configurable list of names that will get Colorized/Formatted, instead of all online players.
  • v1.1
    • Small fix for hostings who don't accept special characters in the config.
  • v1.0
    • First Official Release, SmartChat + SmartAFK.

      < . . . About the Author . . . >

When i start a server with dozens of plugins i have the same fear... will plugins break with this build? Well I can guarantee my plugins WILL NOT! cause i'm an active programmer, i'll always update my plugins to work perfect with last CraftBukkit builds so relax :)
Also, you can hire me to make a custom plugin for your server, just ask!

< . . . Donations . . . >

This is a free work, i'm not gonna get rich with this, so if you like my work, want to speed up the development or get custom features, please feel free to donate, a simple $ is enought to buy me some cookies :)



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