Smart Items


The goal of this mod is to allow items on the ground to interact with the block below and give Dispenser some new abilities.

  • Saplings that land on dirt or grass will plant themselves.
  • Crops that land on farmland will become Planted in a 3x3 area.
  • Nether wart will plant on its self on soul sand in a 3x3 area.
  • Bone meal that lands on/in a plant will cause it to grow.
  • Items Passing over a powered workbench will be Crafted into the item in its Item frame.
  • A powered workbench can Craft water potions if water is above the workbench.
  • A Powered cauldron will pick up Items Below it, and place into a container, or on top.
  • If an Item Frame is placed on a cauldron or hopper it will only accept items like the one in the frame.
  • Tools in dispensers will affect a cone of blocks directly in front the dispenser, and animals. (Shovels , Axes, Pickaxes, Hoes, Fishing Rods, and Shears)
  • Food near two animals will cause them to breed.
  • Empty buckets near cows will fill with milk.

Tips and Tricks

Images of some Gagets
Vsit the Tips and Tricks Page for more ideas.

How To Install and run

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place .jar file in your plugins directory.
  3. edit/create Config File
  4. Run the server.


CropPlantingTimer: 120 # time in ticks before a seed plants
TreePlantingTimer: 120 # time in ticks before a sapling becomes a sapling block
UseWorldGuard: true # Will disable tree planting, dispenser tools and blocks in any region.
AllowAutoCraft: true # allows auto craft system
AllowBreeding: true # Stops animals from making babes when near food.
AllowCauldronLift: true # turns off Cauldron ability to lift items.
Arrows2Items: true # arrows become arrow items after impact.
DispenserUsesTools: true # allows Dispenser to use Tools
AllowDispensingBlocks: true # allows Dispenser to drop blocks as blocks
DispenserRange: 1 # extends range of Dispensers tool use 0 = 3x3, 3 = 3x6
DisabledWorlds: world1_nether,world1 # worlds ignored by the mod.

Know Problems

  • Delete old Config Files to prevent crashes!
  • Problems with new Tree types
  • Some Auto Crafting problems with complex items, like fireworks.


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