This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

So, I wanted a lottery that is slightly more realistic. One that allows your players to sell the tickets and gain some small profit. The plugin is currently in alpha, only been tested on our server. Basically, my aim is to: Let the players to sell tickets to other players, providing a valid extra donator perk. Allow a system where you can autobuy tickets if you have enough money. (Setup a autobuy command with desired amount). Allow two different kinds of lotteries co-exist at the same time, namely a short term lottery, draws every few hours and someone always wins, and a longterm lottery with draws every few days, with a chance that nobody wins and the jackpot piles up.


  • Allows designing players as vendors with set amount tickets they can sell at a time
  • Allows the players to participate in the short term-lottery
  • Config options for duration, lottery prices, vendor cut
  • Broadcasts about the lottery every 15 minutes. Changeable in config.

Planned features

  • Allow players to buy longterm lottery tickets
  • Allow players to setup autobuy
  • Create a shorter buy command
  • Config options for long-term win-change
  • Allow the vendors to buy more tickets for them to sell from the server
  • Allow the config to be easily edited ingame


  • Sanzennin.lottery.* || Allows the full use of slottery
  • Sanzennin.member.lottery || Allows to buy tickets, defaulted to true
  • Sanzennin.admin.lottery || Allows to set config ingame, designate players as vendors, more to come


For admins

  • /alottery start || Admin command, restart the lottery after being paused
  • /alottery addvendor vendorname ticketsperround || Creates a new vendor with desired amount of tickets that he can sell each round.
  • /alottery stop || stops the lottery
  • /alottery setinterval timeInSeconds || Sets the interval between broadcasts from Lottery. This interval is also the one between the checks for ending a draw, to save resources.
  • /alottery reload || Reload the config map for SLottery
  • /alottery debugHook || Makes sure you got the correct version of iConomy, and that it is working
  • /alottery colours || Prints a bunch of @ with different colours. Forgot to remove this command, debugged for a colorscheme.

For members

  • /lottery local buy vendor amount || Buy tickets for the short-term draw from a specified vendor
  • /lottery vendors || Lists the vendors with their remaining tickets.
  • /lottery own || Lists the amount of tickets you have currently
  • /lottery info || Lists information about the current pot and tickets sold for the lottery
  • /lottery || Shows help


Place the SLottery.jar in your plugins folder. Enjoy


At the moment, only works with iConomy 5, sorry about that. I will use vault or register to better the compability soon


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