Currently, SlimeXpansion only adds 4 new equipment, but more will be added in the future.

Electric Chestplate

The Electric Chestplate is a chargeable item that negates all the damage dealt to the person wearing it, as long as it has Energy.
The formula to find the energy consumption is damage / 1.75.

Nano Blate

The Nano Blate is an extremely powerful weapon. It uses energy to cut through your opponent's body. To activate it, shift-right click it. It should start shining. Each hit consumes 2.5J, regardless the entity.


The Linker can link various machines together. The following machines are needed to be bound to work together:

  • Energy Transmitter/Receiver
  • Redstone Transmitter/Receiver

Right click a transmitter with the Linker, to save it is location. Then, right click your Receiver to bind it to that Transmitter.

Food Synthesizer

The Food Synthesizer keeps you fed with artificial food. 3J are used each time to keep you fed.


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