Slimefun items are classed into multiple categories, to find them easily.
Each item must be researched with exp levels first in order to be crafted / used.
Also, you can disable every Item in the Items.yml Recipes are shown in the Slimefun Guide (/sf guide) if you have researched it.

To search for an Item press CTRL + F and enter the words you are looking for. The Easter Update

In April, a new category is added to slimefun. It contains:

  • Carrot Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Easter egg: it gives you random items (player heads, pies, or even ores !) Christmas

In December festive food appears in the Slimefun Guide.

  • Apple Pie
  • Fruit Cake
  • Glass of Milk
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Egg Nog
  • Apple Cider
  • Caramel
  • Caramel Apple
  • Chocolate Apple
  • Christmas Cake
  • Christmas Cookie As well as Presents, when you place one, you will either get a random item from the above mentioned ones or a Head of some special Persons Weapons

Grandma's walking stick

Just a stick. Enchanted with Knockback II.

Grandpa's walking stick

A Grandma's walking stick upgrade, enchanted with a Knockback V effect.

Sword of Beheading

Has a chance to behead mobs
and also adds a higher Drop chance for Wither Skeleton Skulls.

Blade of Vampires

Has a 45% chance to recover 2 Hearts of you Health everytime you attack something.
Unbreaking IV, Sharpness II and Fire Aspect II enchantments.

Seismic Axe

Right Click to summon a small Earthquake in front of you.
The Earthquake throws enemies up into the air and also deals quite a bit of damage.

Explosive Bow

Hit enemies will get launched into the air

Icy Bow

Hit enemies will be unable to move for 2 seconds Portable Utilities

Portable Crafter

A crafting table you can open wherever you want..

Portable Enchanter

An enchantment table you can open wherever you want.
The more bookshelves there are around you, the higher you can enchant.

Portable Dustbin

Used to delete items easily. Open it wherever you want.

Ender Backpack

Allows you to open your Ender Chest remotely.


They basically do what they say, they store your Items. That's it.
There are a total of 3 Backpack Variants.

  1. Small (1x9 Slots)
  2. Medium (2x9 Slots)
  3. Large (3x9 Slots)
  4. Woven (4x9 Slots)
  5. Gilded (5x9 Slots)


Fortune Cookie

Tells you stuff about your future. Can you trust it ?

Beef Jerky

Must be crafted in an Oven.
Better than the vanilla cooked Beef.

Magic Sugar

Gives you a Speed effect for 30 seconds. Magic !

Monster Jerky

Must be crafted in an Oven.
A Rotten Flesh without the hunger effect.

Baked Bread

Must be crafted in an Oven.
Replaces the vanilla bread if enabled.

Grilled Cheese

Must be crafted in an Oven.
Fills your hunger bar.

Buttered Potato

Must be crafted in an Oven.
Fills your hunger bar.


There are 4 varients of Juice:

  1. Apple Juice
  2. Melon Juice
  3. Carrot Juice
    All these types of Juices fill up 5 hunger bars.
    And then there is also a special Juice which gives you Absorption:
  4. Golden Apple Juice Machines

Every machine is a multiblock structure. Almost machines are activated with a right-click on the fence.

Enhanced Crafting Table

A Workbench which is required to craft most Slimefun Items.

Grind Stone

Grinds items for more Efficiency. Transforms items into others.
You can get Magical and Ender Lumps, and Wheat Flour with it.

Armor Forge

Used to create armors.

Ore Crusher

Used to create Iron/Gold Dust from their Ore or Sulfate from Netherrack.


Acts as a high-temperature Furnace for Metals.
It converts Dusts into Ingots and is used to create Alloys or some Synthetic Gems.
The fire under the Smeltery has a chance to be consumed when being used.


Compresses items.
Used to create Carbon and various other Items.

Pressure Chamber

Compresses items even more.
Used to create Synthetic Diamond and various other Items.

Magic Workbench

Used to magical Items or Components.
Also required in Order to craft Talismans.

Ore Washer

Washes Sifted Ore to filter Ores.
Used to create various Ore Dusts.

Saw Mill

Allows you to get 8 planks from 1 log.


Converts various materials over time.

Charging Station

Used to charge chargable Items using energy.
Put what you want to charge in the top slot of the furnace, and the item you want to draw the energy from in the bottom slot.
Then, click the fence to transfer the Energy.

Solar Panel

Used in machines as a generator to create Energy.

Digital Miner

Digs out ores from the ground.
Radius: 8x8

Advanced Digital Miner

Digs out ores from the ground and crushes them into Dust.
Radius: 12x12

Automated Panning Machine

Works like the Gold Pan but as a MultiBlock.
Just right click it with Gravel and see what you get...


Right click the Dispenser with a bunch of Cobblestone and
it will turn it into Lava :o


Used to create Juice.
Put in the ingredient and right click the fence.

Soul Forge

Used to repair broken spawners.

  • Broken Spawners are dropped when breaking a spawner with the Pickaxe of Containment.
  • Placing a Broken Spawner on a Soul Forge will repair the block, changing it into a Reinforced Spawner.

Enhanced Furnaces

Enhanced furnaces come with various tiers,
each tier increases the speed, the fuel efficiency
and the fortune which is applied on smelted Items.
The highest tier is the Carbonado Edged Furnace
which smelts items within less than a second

Chunk Loader

This device is pretty self-explanatory.
Whereever its placed it will keep the Chunk loaded.

Block Placer

Whatever you put in this machine will automatically
gets placed when it receives a redstone signal as long as
the given Item is a Block.

Autonomous Washer

If this device receives a redstone signal and is facing a Chest or any other kind of inventory,
it will wash any Items inside the machine and output it to the faced Inventory
However as it is quite small in comparison to the Ore Washer, its only capable
of dealing with the following Items:

  • Cobblestone -> Gravel
  • Sifted Ore -> Dust

Autonomous Panning Machine

This machine is a smaller version of the Automated Panning Machine.
And if its facing an Inventory and receives a redstone signal, it will pan any
Gravel in the Machine's Inventory.

Autonomous Smelter

This machine is a smaller Version of a Smeltery.
It requires no fire and therefore is unable to create Alloys.
However it is capable of smelting Dusts into Ingots.
Simply give it a redstone signal and make sure its facing
and Inventory.


Place down a Teleporter and insert a GPS Transmission Module.
If you have at least 3 Satellites online, you can teleport to one of your 20 Waypoints.
Note that low accuracy might result in random teleportations instead of accurate ones. Armor

Armors are crafted in the Armor Forge.

Damascus Armor

Crafted with Damascus Steel Ingot.
Unbreaking IV and Protection IV enchantments.

Reinforced Armor

Crafted with Reinforced Alloy Ingot.
Unbreaking IX and Protection IX enchantments.

Cactus Armor

Crafted with Cactus.
Thorns III enchantment.

Chain Armor

Vanilla Chain Armor, crafted with Chains.

Hazmat Suit

Crafted with wool.
Helmet bonus: breathe Underwater
Chestplate bonus: walk through Fire

Prevents you from becoming radioactive.

Gilded Armor

Crafted with Gilded Iron.
Unbreaking VI and Protection VIII enchantments.

12 Carat Gold Armor

Unbreaking X vanilla Gold Armor.

Heavy Metal Armor

The highest Tier Armor (at the moment)
Gives you Strength and Slowness 1 Magical Armor

Magical Armors are crafted in the Armor Forge.

Ender Armor

Ender Lumps needed. Needed for the Magic Eye of Ender to work
Boots bonus: No enderpearl damage.

Slime Armor

Leggings bonus: Speed III
Boots bonus: Jump Boost & No Fall damage

Steel Slime Armor

Slime Armor, with Unbreaking IV and Protection II enchantments.

Glowstone Armor

Bonus (any item): Night Vision

Boots of the Stomper

Prevents you from taking Fall Damage.
Makes you jump a bit when falling from a decent height.
All Fall Damage you receive will be applied to nearby Mobs/Players.

Magical Gadgets

Magical Eye of Ender

Right click to throw an Ender Pearl.
You need to wear Ender Armor to use it.

Elemental Staff

Base item for Staffs.
Can be infused with various magic elements to acquire a special effect.

  • Fire Staff: A stick with Fire Aspect V
  • Wind Staff: Right Click to launch yourself forward
  • Water Staff: Right Click to extinguish yourself

Infused Magnet

Hold Shift to automatically pickup all Items around you
in a Radius of 8 Blocks.

Scroll of Dimensional Teleposition

This ancient scoll is capable of creating a temporary
black hole which pulls nearby Entities into itself and
sends them into another Dimension where everything
is turned around.

In other words: Makes Entities turn by 180 Degrees

Flask of Knowledge

Right click to turn this into a Bottle of Experience
This will take 1 XP Level from you though

Tome of Knowledge Sharing

Right Click to bind this to yourself
When bound to a Player, someone else
can right click it to get all Research of the first Player Technical Components


There are two different batteries:

  • Copper + Zinc: Storing 10.0J
  • Gold + Magnesium: Storing 25.0J
    Note: Energy Cells can store Energy! Batteries only contain Energy you can drain

Fuel Cell

There are two different Fuel Cells:

  • Lava: Storing 75.0J
  • Uranium: Storing 200.0J
    Note: Fuel Cells only contain Energy you can drain Usable Items

Right Click to use these Items.

Gold Pan

Used to pan various stuff out of Gravel.
Right click on gravel to use.

Grappling Hook

Right click to use.
Dropped when it hits something.


Restores 2 Hearts.
Extinguishes Fire.


Restores 4 Hearts.
Extinguishes Fire.
Stops Bleeding.


Restores 2 Hearts.
Fixes broken Legs.


Restores 4 Hearts.
Extinguishes Fire.
Cures Poison/Wither/Radiation.


Restores 4 Hearts.
Extinguishes Fire.
Cures Poison/Wither/Radiation.
You have to drink it.

Farmer Shoes

Prevents you from trampling your Crops. Technical Gadgets

Electric Jetpack

Can be made out of various Materials
Each Material has its own Capacity and Thrust.

Armored Jetpack

Basically a tweaked Steel Jetpack with a bit
more Protection

Energy Cell

Allows you to store your Energy.
Can be made out of various Materials to increase energy capacity.


Crouch to use when equipped.

Multi Tool

Right Click to use/Sneak Right Click to change the Mode.
Can be used to act as another Item
These Items can be configured in the Items.yml
By default it can act as the following Items:

  • Magical Eye of Ender
  • Wind Staff
  • Grappling Hook
  • Portable Crafter
    Consumes energy on use. Can be made out of various Materials to increase energy capacity.

Solar Helmet

Wear it to charge armor and held items.

Night Vision Goggles

You know what it does ;)

Jet Boots

Allow you to hover over the ground (staying on the same Y-Axis)
Can be made out of various Materials to increase energy capacity, speed and accuracy.
If the accuracy is very low, it will go more into a random direction rather than listening for your control.


Capacitors are upgraded Version of Energy Cells.
You can right click to charge up your Armor, allowing you to charge it without a Charging Station.

Portable GPS Tracker

The portable GPS Tracker is your standard device when it
comes to GPS. It shows you all of your online Satellites and set waypoints.

Satellite Launch Kit

Launches a Satellite, allowing your for further GPS Usage
More Satellites equal more accuracy when it comes to GPS
You need to have at least 3 Satellites to use GPS and you will
reach 100% accuracy when having at least 6 satellites.

GPS Marker

Marks your clicked Position and sets a waypoint at that Location

GPS Security Module

Automatically creates a waypoint when you die.

GPS Transmission Module

Required for the Usage pf Teleporters Tools

Smelter's Pickaxe

Auto-smelts items.
Can be used with Fortune.

Lumber's Axe

Cuts the whole tree.
Hold Shift to only break 1 block.

Pickaxe of Containment

Can pickup Spawners.

Hercules' Pickaxe

Crushes mined ores into Dust.
Unbreaking II and Efficiency IV enchantments.

Explosive Pickaxe

Allows you to mine a 3 by 3 hole at once.

Pickaxe of the Seeker

Right Click and it will point you to the nearest Ore.

Autonomous Pickaxe

Place this Pickaxe into a Dispenser and whenever
the Dispenser gets activated with a Redstone Pulse
it will break the Block in front of it and will place the Drops
into a Chest on the opposite Side of the Dispenser.

Autonomous Hoe

Place this Hoe into a Dispenser and whenever
the Dispenser gets activated with a Redstone Pulse
it will harvest and replant the Block in front of it and will place the Drops
into a Chest on the opposite Side of the Dispenser.
Works with: Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots and Nether Warts!

Autonomous Flint and Steel

Place this Flint and Steel into a Dispenser and whenever
the Dispenser gets activated with a Redstone Pulse
it will grab an Item from the Chest in front of it and smelts that
Item. After that the item will be deposited into the Chest on the opposite Side.

Cobalt Pickaxe

Just an enchanted Iron Pickaxe.

Pickaxe of Vein Mining

Mines a whole ore vein. Soulbound items

Soulbound items are items that stay in your inventory if you die. Soulbound items are:

  • Diamond Tools
  • Diamond Armor
  • Weapons (Diamond Sword and Bow) Talismans

Talismans are special items with special effects. When you have one in your in inventory, you will have
the associated effect as long as you have it. In some cases, the talisman can break, depending on the talisman you have.
For every Talisman there is also a Tier 2 Version which
works if you have it in your Ender Chest.

Talisman of the Anvil

Prevents 1 tool from breaking
Does not work on the Smelters Pickaxe

Talisman of the Miner

Has a 20% chance of doubling all ores you mine.
Not Consumable

Talisman of the Hunter

Has a 20% chance of doubling all drops from mobs you kill.
Not Consumable

Talisman of the Lava Walker

Sd soon as you touch Lava it gives you a Fire Resistance effect.

Talisman of the Water Breather

As soon as you start drowning it gives you the ability to breath under water. Consumable

Talisman of the Angel

Has a 75% chance to prevent you from taking Fall Damage. Not Consumable

Talisman of the Firefighter

As soon as you start burning it gives you a Fire Resistance effect. Consumable

Talisman of the Magician

Gives you a 80% Luck bonus on Enchanting.
You will sometimes get an extra enchantment.
Not Consumable

Talisman of the Traveller

Gives you a 60% chance for a speed boost when you start sprinting.
Not Consumable

Talisman of the Warrior

As soon as you get hit it gives you a Strenght III effect.

Talisman of the Knight

As soon as you get hit it gives you a 30% chance for 5 seconds of Regeneration.

Talisman of the Whirlwind

Has a 60% chance of reflecting a projectile around you.
Not consumable

Talisman of the Wizard

Allows you to obtain Fortune Level 4/5.
Has also a chance to lower the Level of some enchantments on your item.
Not consumable


These Items are just Metals that are used for Crafting.
Those Ingots have to be crafted in a Smeltery.

  • Copper Ingot
  • Tin Ingot
  • Zinc Ingot
  • Lead Ingot
  • Magnesium Ingot
  • Silver Ingot
  • Aluminum Ingot
  • Gold Ingot (4k - 24k Carat)


These Items are just Alloys that are used for Crafting.
Those Ingots have to be crafted in a Smeltery.

  • Reinforced Alloy Ingot
  • Hardened Metal
  • Damascus Steel Ingot
  • Steel Ingot
  • Bronze Ingot
  • Duralumin Ingot
  • Billon Ingot
  • Brass Ingot
  • Aluminum Brass Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze Ingot
  • Corinthian Bronze Ingot
  • Redstone Alloy Ingot
  • Solder Ingot
  • Ferrosilicon
  • Gilded Iron
  • Nickel Ingot
  • Cobalt Ingot

Synthetic Gems

These Items are just Gems that are used for Crafting.

  • Synthetic Sapphire
  • Synthetic Diamond
  • Synthetic Emerald
  • Carbonado

Food Ingredients

  • Wheat Flour
  • Salt
  • Heavy Cream
  • Cheese
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Butter

Other Resources

  • Sulfate
  • Silicon
  • Carbon
  • Uranium - Highly Radioactive
  • Redstone dust
  • Quartz

Crafting Components

These items are only used for crafting purposes.

  • Basic Circuit Board
  • Advanced Circuit Board
  • Steel Plate
  • Steel Thruster
  • Power Crystal
  • Magical Lump
  • Ender Lump
  • Necrotic Skull
  • Essence of Afterlife
  • Magical Book Cover
  • Lava Crystal
  • Common Talisman
  • Raw Carbonado
  • Compressed Carbon
  • Carbon Chunk
  • Stone Chunk
  • Hook
  • Chain
  • Sifted Ore
  • Crushed Ore
  • Pulverized Ore
  • Pure Ore Cluster
  • Tiny Pile of Uranium
  • Small Chunk of Uranium - Radioactive
  • Cloth
  • Can
  • Magnet
  • Gold Block (24-Carat)
  • Electro Magnet
  • Heating Coil
  • Reinforced Plate
  • Hardened Glass
  • Solar Array
  • GPS Antenna
  • GPS Module
  • Cooling Unit