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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


The full Change Log can be seen here:

Version 4.0 - Slimefun 4

Requires CS-CoreLib 1.5+

+ Added Bucket of Fuel
+ Added Bucket of Oil
+ Added Blistering Ingot
+ Added Energy Regulator
+ Added Wither-Proof Glass
+ Added Duct Tape
+ Added Plastic Sheet
+ Added Android Memory Core
+ Added Organic Food
+ Added Organic Fertilizer
+ Added Reactor Coolant Cell
+ Added Ancient Altar
+ Added Neptunium
+ Added Plutonium
+ Added Boosted Uranium
+ Added Infernal Bonemeal
+ Added Rainbow Wool
+ Added Rainbow Clay
+ Added Rainbow Glass
+ Added Rainbow Glass Pane
+ Added Rainbow Wool (Christmas)
+ Added Rainbow Clay (Christmas)
+ Added Rainbow Glass (Christmas)
+ Added Rainbow Glass Pane (Christmas)
+ Added Rainbow Wool (Valentine’s Day)
+ Added Rainbow Clay (Valentine’s Day)
+ Added Rainbow Glass (Valentine’s Day)
+ Added Rainbow Glass Pane (Valentine’s Day)
+ Added Infused Hopper
+ Added Ancient Pedestal
+ Added Trash Can
+ Added Blank Rune
+ Added Rune of Air
+ Added Rune of Earth
+ Added Rune of Fire
+ Added Rune of Water
+ Added Rune of Ender
+ Added Rainbow Rune
+ Added Hologram Projector
+ Added Cargo Motor
+ Added Cargo Manager
+ Added Cargo Node (Connector)
+ Added Cargo Node (Input)
+ Added Cargo Node (Output)
+ Added Automated Crafting Chamber
+ Added Wither Assembler
+ Added new Category: Energy and Electricity
+ Added new Category: GPS-based Machines
+ Added new Category: Cargo Management
+ Added Transportation Networks
+ Added Energy Networks
+ Added Energy Regulator
+ Added Small Energy Capacitor
+ Added Medium Energy Capacitor
+ Added Big Energy Capacitor
+ Added Large Energy Capacitor
+ Added Carbonado Energy Capacitor
+ Added Solar Generator
+ Added Advanced Solar Generator
+ Added Carbonado Solar Generator
+ Added Energized Solar Generator
+ Added Electric Furnace (Tier 1-3)
+ Added Electric Ore Grinder (Tier 1-2)
+ Added Heated Pressure Chamber
+ Added Coal Generator
+ Added Combustion generator
+ Added Nuclear Reactor
+ Added Reactor Access Port
+ Added Bio Reactor
+ Added Auto Enchanter
+ Added Auto Disenchanter
+ Added Charging Bench
+ Added Lava Generator
+ Added Auto Anvil (Tier 1-2)
+ Added Miner Android
+ Added Farmer Android
+ Added Woodcutter Android
+ Added Fisherman Android (Tier 1-3)
+ Added Butcher Android (Tier 1-3)
+ Added Android Interface (Items)
+ Added Android Interface (Fuel)
+ Added Refinery
+ Added Carbon Press (Tier 1-3)
+ Added Fluid Pump
+ Added Electric Smeltery
+ Added Food Fabricator (Tier 1-2)
+ Added Food Composter (Tier 1-2)
+ Added Auto-Breeder
+ Added Animal Growth Accelerator
+ Added Crop Growth Accelerator (Tier 1-2)
+ Added EXP Collector
+ Added Freezer (Tier 1-2)
+ Added Electric Gold Pan (Tier 1-3)
+ Added Electric Dust Washer (Tier 1-3)
+ Added Electric Ingot Factory (Tier 1-3)
+ Added Multimeter
+ Added GPS Transmitter
+ Added Advanced GPS Transmitter
+ Added Carbonado GPS Transmitter
+ Added Energized GPS Transmitter
+ Added GPS Control Panel
+ Added GPS Marker Tool
+ Added GPS Emergency Transmitter
+ Added GPS Geo-Scanner
+ Added Oil Pump
+ Added GPS Teleporter Pylon
+ Added GPS Teleporter Matrix
+ Added GPS Activation Device (Shared)
+ Added GPS Activation Device (Personal)
+ Added Elevator Plate
+ Added /sf timings
+ Added Alternative Guide Design
+ Added Guide Settings
+ Added Oil Generation
+ Added Ingame Slimefun Wiki References
+(API) Added Category Tiers
+(API) Added Block Tickers
+(API) Added Block Inventories
+(API) Added Energy Network
+(API) Added Chunk Data
+(API) Added custom JSON-Parser
+(API) Added Item Transport System
+(API) Added ChestTerminal Background Handling
+ Added THE FISH (Admin Debugging Tool)
+ Added WorldEdit Integration (set 0 or similiar commands now also delete Slimefun Blocks)
+ Added Backup System

  • Changed Backpack Textures
  • Changed Energy Cell Textures
  • Changed Cooler Texture
  • Changed Lava Crystal Texture
  • Changed Carbon Texture
  • Changed Compressed Carbon Texture
  • Changed Carbon Chunk Texture
  • Changed Portable Dustbin Texture
  • Changed Ender Backpack Texture
  • Changed Uranium Texture
  • Changed Magnet Texture
  • Changed Infused Magnet Texture
  • Changed Electromagnet Texture
  • Changed Stone Chunk Texture
  • Changed Cheese Texture
  • Changed Butter Texture
  • Changed Tin Can Texture
  • Changed Electric Motor Texture
  • Changed Heating Coil Texture
  • Changed Cooling Unit Texture
  • Changed Power Crystal Texture
  • Changed Carbonado Texture
  • Changed Raw Carbonado Texture
  • Re-arranged Guide
  • Massive Performance Improvements
  • Stability Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Slimefun 4 is now multi-threaded

- Removed Soul Forge
- Removed GPS Module
- Removed GPS Security Module
- Removed GPS Antenna
- Removed GPS Transmission Module
- Removed Portable GPS Tracker
- Removed Satellite Launch Kit
- Removed Teleporter
- Removed Autonomous Washer
- Removed Autonomous Smelter
- Removed Autonomous Panning Machine
- Removed Battery (2)
- Removed Fuel Cell
- Removed Fuel Cell (2)
- Removed Charging Station
- Removed Duralumin Capacitor
- Removed Billon Capacitor
- Removed Solder Capacitor
- Removed Steel Capacitor
- Removed Damascus Steel Capacitor
- Removed Reinforced Alloy Capacitor
- Removed Carbonado Capacitor
- Removed Duralumin Energy Cell
- Removed Billon Energy Cell
- Removed Solder Energy Cell
- Removed Steel Energy Cell
- Removed Damascus Steel Energy Cell
- Removed Reinforced Alloy Energy Cell
- Removed Carbonado Energy Cell

Version 3.6.6

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Mathematical Operation Error when loading 0 Blocks for a World

Version 3.6.5

  • Massive Performance Update
    Significantly decreased Server Startup Time
    Slightly decreased RAM Usage
    - Removed Chunk Buffer (Value is auto-calculated)

Version 3.6.4

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Chunk Buffer not being taken into account properly
    Fixed Errors on Chunk Loading
    Fixed Errors on Server Startup

Version 3.6.3
+ Added BlockStorage.getParser()

  • Fixed SlimefunBlockHandler#onPlace

Version 3.6.2
+ Added API Method: BlockStorage.check(Block,String slimefunItemID)

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Multiverse Issues upon Server Start

Version 3.6.1
+ Added %research% Variable to all Research-Messages
+ Added BlockTicker Utility (API)
This is a very lightweight URID-based way of making Blocks execute Code periodically
In other words: You can now create Machines like in STB
- Removed Portable Enchanter

Version 3.6 - URID
+ Added Wither-Proof Obsidian
+ Added Birthday Cake

  • Added URID-System (Uniquely Registered Identification Data)
    - Allows faster Storage of the Guide's History (aka improved Performance and Speed when browsing the Slimefun Guide)
    - Slimefun's Data is now automatically saved every X Minutes to ensure no Data is lost in long-term sight
    - Block's Data is now pre-loaded into Memory during Server Startup
    - During Server Startup Chunks containing Blocks from Slimefun or Slimefun Addons are temporarily loaded to load in their Slimefun Content and then quickly unloaded again to reduce the overall RAM Usage
    - Server Starts now can take a bit longer than usual but will now take up insanely less RAM
    - Block's Data is no longer stored by Slimefun in RAM but only stored in Bukkit's Metadata Storage for the most part
    - Unneeded Data will automatically be unloaded from RAM and written onto the Hard Drive during an Auto-Save
    - Moved most RAM-intense Operations to the Server's Startup Period
    - Slimefun Data will no longer be lost occassionally upon Server Stops/Restarts
    • TL;DR: Massively, really incredible massively improved Performance
  • The Slimefun Guide is now able to display Minecraft Recipes as well (Click on an Item in the Guide e.g. Iron Ingot and it will show you the Recipe as well)
  • API Changes

Version 3.5.10

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Slimefun Guide not being given on First Join
    Fixed BlockStorage not overriding Blocks properly

Version 3.5.9
+ Added Debugging Tool to make Slimefun fix itself when it detects certain types of Block Corruption

Version 3.5.8

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Slimefun Guide not working in Multiverse Worlds

Version 3.5.7

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Blocks occasionally not unregistering properly

Version 3.5.6

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Guide not working in Multiverse Worlds
    Fixed Duplication Glitch by placing a Block where a Slimefun Block used to be

Version 3.5.5
This Build is stable and will not break any Slimefun Data like the ones before, you can now count with it never breaking again

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Worlds containing certain characters not working

Version 3.5.4
WARNING: Do NOT use v3.5-v3.5.3
Important Note: 3.5.4 will cause your Slimefun Blocks / ExoticGarden Plants to reset, newly place one will however work just fine
Also note that this will be the last Version causing a data reset

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Slimefun Blocks still resetting

Version 3.5.3

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Slimefun Blocks ONLY loading in Multiverse Worlds

Version 3.5.2
+ Added various Error Messages

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Pistons destroying Slimefun Blocks
    Fixed Enhanced Furnaces being handled asynchronously
    Fixed Multiverse Worlds not loading Slimefun Blocks properly

Version 3.5.1 - The silly Cookie the Breaker of all the things Update

  • Performance Improvements
  • Block Storage System now utilises Metadata
  • Enhanced Furnaces are now crafted in the Enhanced Crafting Table
    - Removed Chunk Loader
  • Bug Fixes
    Finally fixed all memory/storage Issues or loss of data of Slimefun Blocks / ExoticGarden Plants
    Slimefun Blocks / ExoticGarden Plants will no longer reset (FROM NOW ON)
    All existing Blocks / Plants will sadly remain broken but newly placed/generated
    Ones will work forever.
    Fixed nasty "Inventory Full" Bug with the Enhanced Crafting Table
    Fixed nasty "Inventory Full" Bug with the Magic Workbench
    When crafting with Water/Lava/Milk Buckets you now get the Bucket back
    Enhanced Furnaces no longer apply Fortune to everything, only Ores now

Version 3.4.2

  • Huge Performance Improvements for the Guide
  • The Slimefun Guide can now be disabled in certain worlds via the whitelist.yml
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Charging Station

Version 3.4.1

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed certain Items not registering properly, resulting in being registered as Addon Items

Version 3.4.0

  • Entirely rewritten Guide
  • The Slimefun Guide now opens up the last Page you looked at when reopening it
  • Clicking on an Item in the Slimefun Guide (Cheat Version) will now give the Player the Item instead of being available for manual pickup
  • Massive Performance Improvements
  • Categories can now have an infinite amount of Slimefun Items assigned
  • Merged Alloys and Resources Category
    - Removed Alloys Category

Version 3.3.12

  • Bug Fixes
    Mostly fixed weird Furnace Clicking Behaviours
    Fixed Autonomous Flint and Steel Duplication Issue
    Fixed Soul Forge Recipe
  • Composters are no longer MultiBlocks
  • Crucibles are no longer MultiBlocks

Version 3.3.11

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Guide not allowing Researches to be made

Version 3.3.10

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Enchanted or named Items being treated like Slimefun Items

Version 3.3.9
+ Added API Integration to obtain a Players Slimefun Title

  • Migrated MultiBlock System to the new ItemHandler System
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Charging Station not working on 1.8+

Version 3.3.8
+ Added API Integration to make any Item radioactive

  • Slimefun now makes a Backup of its files upon every Server Restart/Reload/Shutdown
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed incompatibility issue with multi-verse/world or deleted Worlds causing corruption

Version 3.3.7

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed whitelist.yml not generating

Version 3.3.6
+ Added Cooling Unit
+ Added Cooler

Version 3.3.5
+ Added Golden Apple Juice
+ Added /sf research <Player> reset
- Removed Injuries (Broken Legs, Bleeding) Will be moved into an Addon

  • The Parachute Recipe now requires Cloth instead of Wool
  • Bug Fixes
    Juice no longer gives you a free Bottle
    The Tools Category no longer requires you to unlock the Weapons Category first
    Fixed Pumpkin Juice Recipe not working
    Fixed Teleporter Recipe
    Fixed Satellite Launch Kit being placable
    Fixed Pulverized Ore Recipe not working
    Fixed Reinforced Plate Recipe
    Fixed Guide Sounds sometimes not being played

Version 3.3.4 - The Easter Update
+ Added some Easter Eggs for Easter
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>

Version 3.3.3

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Addon Items not properly loading
    Fixed Items.yml not showing all Items
    Fixed Explosive Pickaxe throwing an exception when breaking non-Ore Blocks

Version 3.3.2

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Slimefun Items being renable in Anvils

Version 3.3.1

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Updater
    Fixed Researches

Version 3.3 - The Satellite Update
+ Added GPS System
+ Added GPS Module
+ Added GPS Security Module
+ Added GPS Antenna
+ Added GPS Transmission Module
+ Added Portable GPS Tracker
+ Added Waypoint System
+ Added Satellite Launch Kit
+ Added Teleporter

  • Performance Improvements
    Explosions and Dispenser should now be more stable
  • CS-CoreLib is now an external download, it will be automatically downloaded if it wasnt found

Version 3.2.17

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Error with Items you dont have access to

Version 3.2.16

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Explosive Pickaxe not registering properly

Version 3.2.15
+ [API] Added BlockPlaceHandler

  • Block Placement is now also handled by the new Handler System

Version 3.2.14

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Talisman of the Miner not working with the Smelters Pickaxe
    Fixed Talisman of the Miner Exploit when mining Iron/Gold Ore

Version 3.2.13

  • Tome of Knowledge Sharing now requires a Book and Quill instead of a Written Book
  • Slimefun Items can no longer be used in Anvils
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Armor Error

Version 3.2.12

  • The Guide will now show some Fuel Information for STB Engines (Requires STB v1.0.3+)

Version 3.2.11
+ Added Hardened Glass
+ Added Reinforced Plate
+ Added Flask of Knowledge
+ Added Tome of Knowledge Sharing
+ Added Icy Bow
+ Added Explosive Bow

  • Nerfed Enhanced Furnaces: Max Fortune is now 3
  • Performance Improvements
    Disabled Items will no longer run unneeded calculations
    Enhanced Furnaces are now running on a different Thread
    The entire Item System will now run faster and more efficient
    The entire Tool System will now run faster and more efficient
    Tools are now compatible with Veinminer and other Plugins and will cause less lag
  • API Changes
    The entire Slimefun Item System has been rewritten, read the Addons page for more info
    Actions are now ran via abstract Classes and methods instead of events (better performance)
    You can now remove Recipes from Machines using SlimefunMachine#recipeIterator()

Version 3.2.10
+ Added Pumpkin Juice

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a Duplication Bug with Sensible Toolbox (also requires Sensible Toolbox v1.0.1+)

Version 3.2.8 - The autonomous Update
+ Added Caramel
+ Added Caramel Apple
+ Added Chocolate Apple
+ Added Christmas Cake
+ Added Scroll of Dimensional Teleposition
+ Added Enhanced Furnace
+ Added Reinforced Furnace
+ Added Carbonado Edged Furnace
+ Added Block Placer
+ Added Chunk Loader
+ Added Autonomous Washer
+ Added Autonomous Panning Machine
+ Added Autonomous Smelter
+ Added an Option in the Items.yml which determines whether that Item can be used in regular Crafting Tables
+ Added a Config Option to disable Talismans
+ Added a Config Option to disable Enhanced Furnaces
+ Added Present
+ Added Hot Chocolate

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Guide opening in disabled Worlds
    Nerfed Grilled Cheese and Buttered Potato

Version 3.2.7

  • Bug Fixes
    Boots of the Stomper no longer damage nearby Mobs/Players if PvP is disabled.
    Seismic Axe no longer damages nearby Mobs/Players if PvP is disabled.

Version 3.2.6 - The Christmas Update
+ Added some Easter Eggs ;)
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>
+ Added <Spoiler>

  • Updated RecipeType API, addons need to be updated as well

Version 3.2.5
+ Added Soul Forge
+ Added Broken Spawners
+ Added Reinforced Spawners

  • Bug Fixes
    You can no longer place Backpacks when using Spigot
    The Pickaxe of Containment is now working again
  • The Pickaxe of Containment now drops Broken Spawners instead of regular Spawners.

Version 3.2.4

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Compressor
    Fixed Smeltery
    Fixed Pickaxe of Vein Mining applying Fortune to Iron/Gold Ore
    When breaking Solar Panels, you now get actual Solar Panels instead of Daylight Sensors
  • You can no longer put Slimefun Items into Workbenches

Version 3.2.3

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed EXP-Exploit when using the Pickaxe of Containment
    Fixed an Error occuring when using the Portable Enchanter
    Fixed Wither Skull dropping when using the Sword of Beheading
    Fixed Item Registration (Now shows the proper number of Slimefun Items)

Version 3.2.2

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed an Error occuring when you click an Item in the Guide which you have already unlocked
    Fixed the Magnet Recipe

Version 3.2.1

  • Bug Fixes
    You can now take Backpacks out of Backpacks but you cannot put Backpacks into Backpacks

Version 3.2.0
+ Added Juicer
+ Added Capacitors
+ Added Apple Juice
+ Added Melon Juice
+ Added Carrot Juice

  • Locked Items are now indicated by a red stained Glass Pane instead of an empty map
  • You can no longer put Backpacks into Backpacks

Version 3.1.11
+ Added Earthquake Effect (FallindSand entities) to the Seismic Axe

Version 3.1.10
+ Added Seismic Axe
+ Added Soulbound Sword
+ Added Soulbound Bow
+ Added Soulbound Pickaxe
+ Added Soulbound Axe
+ Added Soulbound Shovel
+ Added Soulbound Hoe
+ Added Soulbound Helmet
+ Added Soulbound Chestplate
+ Added Soulbound Leggings
+ Added Soulbound Boots
+ Added Pickaxe of Vein Mining
+ Added Jet Boots
+ Added Armored Jet Boots

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed the Permissions System
    Fixed an issue with Sensible Toolbox
    Fixed the Pickaxe of the Seeker
    Fixed Recipes being added for disabled Items

Version 3.1.9
+ Added Necrotic Skull
+ Added Essence of Afterlife
+ Added Soulbound Backpack

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a compatibility issue with Multiworld-plugins

Version 3.1.8
+ Added Nickel Ingot
+ Added Cobalt Ingot
+ Added Cobalt Pickaxe
+ Added Magnet
+ Added Infused Magnet

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed an Error occuring when you disable Machines

Version 3.1.7
+ Added Autonomous Hoe
+ Added Autonomous Flint and Steel

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a Duplication Bug with the Autonomous Pickaxe
    Fixed the Permissions System for Items

Version 3.1.6

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed an Error occuring when you disable Talismans or their Researches

Version 3.1.5

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed the "Not researched" message occuring when you are walking
    Fixed an Error with disabled Multiblocks.

Version 3.1.4
+ Added Tier 2 Talismans

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a Duplication Bug with Talismans

Version 3.1.3

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed the Jetpack Sound still playing after dying/reconnecting
    Fixed the Autonomous Pickaxe Research
    Fixed the Heavy Armor Research
    Fixed the Parachute creating lag after dying/reconnecting

Version 3.1.2

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed an Error with the Autonomous Pickaxe

Version 3.1.1

  • You can now also get Gold Dust by putting normal Gold Ingots into an Ore Crusher

Version 3.1
+ Added Heavy Metal Armor
+ Added Armored Jetpack
+ Added Gilded Backpack
+ Added Autonomous Pickaxe
+ Added Crucible

  • Fixed Bleeding and Leg Breaking in disabled Worlds
  • Changed the Prefix to Slimefun >
  • Each Jetpack Tier now has a different Thrust

Version 3.0.12
+ Added a few more Item Documentations

  • Bug Fixes
    You can no longer place Energy Cells

Version 3.0.11
+ Added Woven Backpack
+ Added Ingame Documentation (Unfinished, only 5 Items are documented so far but you can add/edit Item Documentations in the Items.yml)

  • Bug Fixes
    You can no longer place Backpacks
    You can no longer place Circuit Boards
    Fixed a Server Crash when using the Boots of the Stomper nearby Players who are also wearing them

Version 3.0.10

  • Bug Fixes
    You can no longer put a Backpack into itself

Version 3.0.9
+ Added Backpack - Small
+ Added Backpack - Medium
+ Added Backpack - Large
+ Added Pickaxe of the Seeker
+ Added Boots of the Stomper
+ Added Automated Panning Machine
+ The Portable Enchanter can now enchant from Level 1 to 30

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Loading of Addon Recipes

Version 3.0.8
+ Added Messages informing you whether you have done something wrong using a Machine.

Version 3.0.7

  • You can now disable Ore Doubling in the Items.yml

Version 3.0.6

  • Fixed a Duplication Bug with the Enhanced Crafting Table
  • Fixed the Multi Tools

Version 3.0.5

  • Fixed a Bug that some Recipes in the ECT were not working...

Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed an Explosive Pickaxe Dupe Glitch

Version 3.0.3
+ Added a Blacklist to the Explosive Pickaxe

  • Bug Fixes

Version 3.0.2
+ Added Composter
+ Added Farmer Shoes
+ Added Explosive Pickaxe
+ Added Enhanced Crafting Table

  • Fixed Slime Steel Boots
  • Most Items now require an Enhanced Crafting Table instead of a Workbench
  • Some steps for future 1.8 Compatibility (if Bukkit survives...)

Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed a Bug that made you unable to use MultiBlocks that are not 3x3

Version 3.0

  • Completely rewritten
  • Researches now take a while
  • Updated API, now easier
    + Added /sf stats
    + Added 200+ new Items and Machines (too many to list)

Version 2.2
• Updated to 1.7.2

Version 2.1
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Spider Climb
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Armor-Repair
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Disco
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Arrow Reflector
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Fire Resistance
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Regeneration
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Resistance
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Absorption
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Milk Module
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Strength
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Double Jump
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Fast Digging
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Feeder
+ Added Ore Washer
+ Added Iron Chunk
+ Added Gold Chunk
• Bug Fixes
• Fixed Slimefun API, full tutorial will follow soon!
• Rewritten Research Storage, should fix all Bugs ;)
- Removed Donator Swords :(

Version 2.0
+ Added Uber armor
+ Added Uber Upgrade System
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Jetpack
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Glider
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Ender Fake
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Scuba
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Night Vision
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Kinetic Legs
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Jump Assist
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Long Fall
+ Added Villagers
+ Added Villager: Lost Merchant
+ Added Villager: Quest Villager
+ Added Villager: Lost Blacksmith
+ Added lightweight configurable Quest System
+ Added Currency
+ Added Shop System
+ Added Slime Gem
+ Added Miner's Compass
+ Added Nano Focus
• Rewritten Guide System
+ Added Categories in the Guide
• Made the Slimefun Guide API easier
+ Added Researching
+ Added Research Notes in the Book Binder
+ Added Ink of Knowledge
- Removed Tabnames
- Removed TabColors
- Removed Join-Messages
- Removed Leave-Messages
- Removed /explode
- Removed /nausea
- Removed /port
+ Added Smeltery
+ Added Book Binder Multiblock
+ Added Diamond of Duplicating
+ Added Hook
+ Added Chain
+ Added Grappling Hook
+ Added Fortune Cookies
+ Added Steel Plate
• Moved the Steel Recipe to the new Smeltery System
• Some Slimefun Commands can now be executed by CommandBlocks and Console
+ Added /sf research
+ Added /sf villagers
+ Added /sf killnpc
• Completely rewritten the whole Slimefun API, so it's now very easy to add Researches and Items
+ Added World Generation of huts
+ Added loot chest in huts

Version 1.8
+ Bug fixes
+ Added Multi Tool
+ Added Emerald of Repairing
+ Added Sword of Beheading

Version 1.7.3
+ Bug fixes
+ Some internal changes and clean up

Version 1.7.2
+ Bug fixes
+ Nerfed nano tools, saber and Qunatum armor
+ Some internal changes (f.e. new packages)

Version 1.7.1
+ Updated to the latest build of bukkit
+ Some internal changes

Version 1.7
+ Added Uber Meat
+ Added Magical Lumps
+ Added Ender Lumps
+ Added Crystal Of Repairing
+ Added Ender Crystal Of Repairing
+ Added Magic Sugar
+ Added Partially Golden Apple
+ You can now press TAB when using the /sf command

Version 1.6
+ Added /sf tabname
+ Added Parachute
+ Added Nano Axel
+ Added 2 new optional recipes
+ Added Donation guide
+ Some tweaks on Super meat
+ Some tweaks on the jetpack
+ Slimefun is now compatible with PlotME
+ Added the ability that Admins can see vanished Players
+ Made the nano recipes cheaper

Version 1.5.7
+ Some tweaks
+ Added /sf team which shows you the heads of the slimefun team
+ The String recipe now works for all wool colors

Version 1.5.6
+ Bug fixes (I know, I say it every update,but there are so many bugs :P )

Version 1.5.5
+ Yep, you can guess it: many many bug fixes
+ Added /sf commands
+ /help slimefun looks now like /sf

Version 1.5.4
+ again many many bug fixes
+ The first Release of the Slimefun version 1.5 (nearly bug-free ;D )

Version 1.5.3
+ many many many Bug fixes again 0.0

Version 1.5.2
- Removed the Author join-message

Version 1.5.1
- You can't cheat Arrows anymore using the nano saber :P

Version 1.5
+ Added Slimefun guide
+ Added Jetpack
+ Added Portable Jukebox
+ Added Welcome-messages
+ Bug fixes
+ Added a new language: german
+ ...

Version 1.4
+ Added the Portable Book binder
+ Added the Book binder crafting system
+ Added the Tome of homeland
+ Added music playing on join
+ Added announce-running on join
+ Added Metrics
+ Added /slimefun or /sf
+ Added /sf items and /sf armor
+ Renamed /sfreload to /sf reload
+ Added tool tips
+ much more
- Removed Butter
- Removed Book of heads
- Removed /destroy
- Removed /invincible
- Removed /lightning
Version 1.3.3
+ Fixed the version number in the plugin.yml
+ Added an @SupressWargning(unused) in the onEnable() part (which is only important for me)
+ Bug fixes

Version 1.3.2
+ Added auto-update feature (You can enable/disable it in the config)
+ The following files will contain a v in front of the version number
+ Bug fixes

Version 1.3.1
+ Bug fixes

Version 1.3
+ Added Tool bench
+ Added Portable Tool bench
+ Added the "simple circuit board" which is dropped from Iron golems and is used for crafting the Quantumarmor
+ Added 13 Tool bench Recipes
+ Bug fixes
+ Made the Portable Crafter Recipe shapeless
- Removed Quantumarmor Recipe
- Removed NanoSuit Recipe
- Removed Slimesuit Recipe
- Removed Enchantments from the books (for example: portable Crafter,Book of Heads,etc.)
- Removed Enchantment from Super meat

Version 1.2.1
+ Many Many Bug fixes
+ Fixed all NullPointerExceptions from 1.2

Version 1.2
+ Some Bug fixes
+ Custom Colors in join/Leave messages
+ Sound configuration
+ The Staff Team has it's own configurable Join/Leave message
+ New Recipe for the Quantumarmor
+ Added the SlimeSuit
+ Slimefun is now with Java 6 compatible

Version 1.1.1
+ Some Bug fixes
+ Butter (A little easteregg on eastern)

Version 1.1
+ Nano pickaxe
+ Nano Saber
+ Nano hoe
+ Quantumarmor
+ permissions for the Invinsibility tome

Version 1.0
+ custom Join and Leave messages
+ Firework on Join and Death
+ Message when the owner is coming
+ NanoSuit
+ Supermeat
+ Portable dustbin, crafter and enchanter
+ ender backpack
+ invisibility tome
+ Book of teleporting
+ Book of heads
+ /destroy
+ /explode
+ /port
+ /milk
+ /sfreload
+ /invincible
+ /nausea
+ /lightning