Slimefun v3.1.10


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    Nov 15, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


The full Change Log can be seen here:

Version 3.1.10
+ Added Seismic Axe
+ Added Soulbound Sword
+ Added Soulbound Bow
+ Added Soulbound Pickaxe
+ Added Soulbound Axe
+ Added Soulbound Shovel
+ Added Soulbound Hoe
+ Added Soulbound Helmet
+ Added Soulbound Chestplate
+ Added Soulbound Leggings
+ Added Soulbound Boots
+ Added Pickaxe of Vein Mining
+ Added Jet Boots
+ Added Armored Jet Boots

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed the Permissions System
    Fixed an issue with Sensible Toolbox
    Fixed the Pickaxe of the Seeker
    Fixed Recipes being added for disabled Items

Version 3.1.9
+ Added Necrotic Skull
+ Added Essence of Afterlife
+ Added Soulbound Backpack

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a compatibility issue with Multiworld-plugins

Version 3.1.8
+ Added Nickel Ingot
+ Added Cobalt Ingot
+ Added Cobalt Pickaxe
+ Added Magnet
+ Added Infused Magnet

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed an Error occuring when you disable Machines

Version 3.1.7
+ Added Autonomous Hoe
+ Added Autonomous Flint and Steel

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a Duplication Bug with the Autonomous Pickaxe
    Fixed the Permissions System for Items

Version 3.1.6

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed an Error occuring when you disable Talismans or their Researches

Version 3.1.5

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed the "Not researched" message occuring when you are walking
    Fixed an Error with disabled Multiblocks.

Version 3.1.4
+ Added Tier 2 Talismans

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed a Duplication Bug with Talismans

Version 3.1.3

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed the Jetpack Sound still playing after dying/reconnecting
    Fixed the Autonomous Pickaxe Research
    Fixed the Heavy Armor Research
    Fixed the Parachute creating lag after dying/reconnecting

Version 3.1.2

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed an Error with the Autonomous Pickaxe

Version 3.1.1

  • You can now also get Gold Dust by putting normal Gold Ingots into an Ore Crusher

Version 3.1
+ Added Heavy Metal Armor
+ Added Armored Jetpack
+ Added Gilded Backpack
+ Added Autonomous Pickaxe
+ Added Crucible

  • Fixed Bleeding and Leg Breaking in disabled Worlds
  • Changed the Prefix to Slimefun >
  • Each Jetpack Tier now has a different Thrust

Version 3.0.12
+ Added a few more Item Documentations

  • Bug Fixes
    You can no longer place Energy Cells

Version 3.0.11
+ Added Woven Backpack
+ Added Ingame Documentation (Unfinished, only 5 Items are documented so far but you can add/edit Item Documentations in the Items.yml)

  • Bug Fixes
    You can no longer place Backpacks
    You can no longer place Circuit Boards
    Fixed a Server Crash when using the Boots of the Stomper nearby Players who are also wearing them

Version 3.0.10

  • Bug Fixes
    You can no longer put a Backpack into itself

Version 3.0.9
+ Added Backpack - Small
+ Added Backpack - Medium
+ Added Backpack - Large
+ Added Pickaxe of the Seeker
+ Added Boots of the Stomper
+ Added Automated Panning Machine
+ The Portable Enchanter can now enchant from Level 1 to 30

  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed Loading of Addon Recipes

Version 3.0.8
+ Added Messages informing you whether you have done something wrong using a Machine.

Version 3.0.7

  • You can now disable Ore Doubling in the Items.yml

Version 3.0.6

  • Fixed a Duplication Bug with the Enhanced Crafting Table
  • Fixed the Multi Tools

Version 3.0.5

  • Fixed a Bug that some Recipes in the ECT were not working...

Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed an Explosive Pickaxe Dupe Glitch

Version 3.0.3
+ Added a Blacklist to the Explosive Pickaxe

  • Bug Fixes

Version 3.0.2
+ Added Composter
+ Added Farmer Shoes
+ Added Explosive Pickaxe
+ Added Enhanced Crafting Table

  • Fixed Slime Steel Boots
  • Most Items now require an Enhanced Crafting Table instead of a Workbench
  • Some steps for future 1.8 Compatibility (if Bukkit survives...)

Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed a Bug that made you unable to use MultiBlocks that are not 3x3

Version 3.0

  • Completely rewritten
  • Researches now take a while
  • Updated API, now easier
    + Added /sf stats
    + Added 200+ new Items and Machines (too many to list)

Version 2.2
• Updated to 1.7.2

Version 2.1
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Spider Climb
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Armor-Repair
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Disco
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Arrow Reflector
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Fire Resistance
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Regeneration
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Resistance
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Absorption
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Milk Module
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Strength
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Double Jump
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Fast Digging
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Feeder
+ Added Ore Washer
+ Added Iron Chunk
+ Added Gold Chunk
• Bug Fixes
• Fixed Slimefun API, full tutorial will follow soon!
• Rewritten Research Storage, should fix all Bugs ;)
- Removed Donator Swords :(

Version 2.0
+ Added Uber armor
+ Added Uber Upgrade System
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Jetpack
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Glider
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Ender Fake
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Scuba
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Night Vision
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Kinetic Legs
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Jump Assist
+ Added Uber Upgrade: Long Fall
+ Added Villagers
+ Added Villager: Lost Merchant
+ Added Villager: Quest Villager
+ Added Villager: Lost Blacksmith
+ Added lightweight configurable Quest System
+ Added Currency
+ Added Shop System
+ Added Slime Gem
+ Added Miner's Compass
+ Added Nano Focus
• Rewritten Guide System
+ Added Categories in the Guide
• Made the Slimefun Guide API easier
+ Added Researching
+ Added Research Notes in the Book Binder
+ Added Ink of Knowledge
- Removed Tabnames
- Removed TabColors
- Removed Join-Messages
- Removed Leave-Messages
- Removed /explode
- Removed /nausea
- Removed /port
+ Added Smeltery
+ Added Book Binder Multiblock
+ Added Diamond of Duplicating
+ Added Hook
+ Added Chain
+ Added Grappling Hook
+ Added Fortune Cookies
+ Added Steel Plate
• Moved the Steel Recipe to the new Smeltery System
• Some Slimefun Commands can now be executed by CommandBlocks and Console
+ Added /sf research
+ Added /sf villagers
+ Added /sf killnpc
• Completely rewritten the whole Slimefun API, so it's now very easy to add Researches and Items
+ Added World Generation of huts
+ Added loot chest in huts

Version 1.8
+ Bug fixes
+ Added Multi Tool
+ Added Emerald of Repairing
+ Added Sword of Beheading

Version 1.7.3
+ Bug fixes
+ Some internal changes and clean up

Version 1.7.2
+ Bug fixes
+ Nerfed nano tools, saber and Qunatum armor
+ Some internal changes (f.e. new packages)

Version 1.7.1
+ Updated to the latest build of bukkit
+ Some internal changes

Version 1.7
+ Added Uber Meat
+ Added Magical Lumps
+ Added Ender Lumps
+ Added Crystal Of Repairing
+ Added Ender Crystal Of Repairing
+ Added Magic Sugar
+ Added Partially Golden Apple
+ You can now press TAB when using the /sf command

Version 1.6
+ Added /sf tabname
+ Added Parachute
+ Added Nano Axel
+ Added 2 new optional recipes
+ Added Donation guide
+ Some tweaks on Super meat
+ Some tweaks on the jetpack
+ Slimefun is now compatible with PlotME
+ Added the ability that Admins can see vanished Players
+ Made the nano recipes cheaper

Version 1.5.7
+ Some tweaks
+ Added /sf team which shows you the heads of the slimefun team
+ The String recipe now works for all wool colors

Version 1.5.6
+ Bug fixes (I know, I say it every update,but there are so many bugs :P )

Version 1.5.5
+ Yep, you can guess it: many many bug fixes
+ Added /sf commands
+ /help slimefun looks now like /sf

Version 1.5.4
+ again many many bug fixes
+ The first Release of the Slimefun version 1.5 (nearly bug-free ;D )

Version 1.5.3
+ many many many Bug fixes again 0.0

Version 1.5.2
- Removed the Author join-message

Version 1.5.1
- You can't cheat Arrows anymore using the nano saber :P

Version 1.5
+ Added Slimefun guide
+ Added Jetpack
+ Added Portable Jukebox
+ Added Welcome-messages
+ Bug fixes
+ Added a new language: german
+ ...

Version 1.4
+ Added the Portable Book binder
+ Added the Book binder crafting system
+ Added the Tome of homeland
+ Added music playing on join
+ Added announce-running on join
+ Added Metrics
+ Added /slimefun or /sf
+ Added /sf items and /sf armor
+ Renamed /sfreload to /sf reload
+ Added tool tips
+ much more
- Removed Butter
- Removed Book of heads
- Removed /destroy
- Removed /invincible
- Removed /lightning
Version 1.3.3
+ Fixed the version number in the plugin.yml
+ Added an @SupressWargning(unused) in the onEnable() part (which is only important for me)
+ Bug fixes

Version 1.3.2
+ Added auto-update feature (You can enable/disable it in the config)
+ The following files will contain a v in front of the version number
+ Bug fixes

Version 1.3.1
+ Bug fixes

Version 1.3
+ Added Tool bench
+ Added Portable Tool bench
+ Added the "simple circuit board" which is dropped from Iron golems and is used for crafting the Quantumarmor
+ Added 13 Tool bench Recipes
+ Bug fixes
+ Made the Portable Crafter Recipe shapeless
- Removed Quantumarmor Recipe
- Removed NanoSuit Recipe
- Removed Slimesuit Recipe
- Removed Enchantments from the books (for example: portable Crafter,Book of Heads,etc.)
- Removed Enchantment from Super meat

Version 1.2.1
+ Many Many Bug fixes
+ Fixed all NullPointerExceptions from 1.2

Version 1.2
+ Some Bug fixes
+ Custom Colors in join/Leave messages
+ Sound configuration
+ The Staff Team has it's own configurable Join/Leave message
+ New Recipe for the Quantumarmor
+ Added the SlimeSuit
+ Slimefun is now with Java 6 compatible

Version 1.1.1
+ Some Bug fixes
+ Butter (A little easteregg on eastern)

Version 1.1
+ Nano pickaxe
+ Nano Saber
+ Nano hoe
+ Quantumarmor
+ permissions for the Invinsibility tome

Version 1.0
+ custom Join and Leave messages
+ Firework on Join and Death
+ Message when the owner is coming
+ NanoSuit
+ Supermeat
+ Portable dustbin, crafter and enchanter
+ ender backpack
+ invisibility tome
+ Book of teleporting
+ Book of heads
+ /destroy
+ /explode
+ /port
+ /milk
+ /sfreload
+ /invincible
+ /nausea
+ /lightning