Sleepy is a simple plugin that makes multiplayer sleep easier.


Have you ever noticed how annoying it is to get a couple of friends to sleep at once? Now try that with a whole server, and you're looking at a task which is practically impossible. Sleepy is the solution.


With Sleepy you only need a percentage or certain amount of players to sleep in order change the time.


How it works:

When a player goes to bed, the chat is subltly noted, telling them who went to bed, and how many more players need to sleep. The chat is also noted when a player leaves their bed before enough required players are sleeping.


When the required amount of players are sleeping (default 25%), the time is set to morning. It's as simple as that.


 Features include:

  • No setup for most servers
  • In-game config editor
  • Permission support
  • Chat notifications (can be disabled)
  • Fully customizable messages



/sleepy target [new target] - displays the current target value (without arguments), or sets a new target (with arguments)

/sleepy - displays plugin info

/sleepy config [config option] [new value] - view or edit the config file. Without arguments, the commands displays all options.

/sleepy reload - reloads the config file, if you decide to edit the file outside of the game


By default, everyone can use '/sleepy target' and '/sleepy', but only ops can use '/sleepy target [new value], '/sleepy config', and '/sleepy reload'. Permissions can be changed by an admin


Useful config options:

Chat alerts:

  • Alert chat when players go to, or leave their bed (default): /sleepy config announcesleep true
  • Don't alert chat: /sleepy config announcesleep false

Target format (uses the same target value):

  • Percentage (default): /sleepy config usepercentage true
  • Amount: /sleepy config usepercentage false


- Add these to Sleepy messages to give useful information

- '%p' = the current players name

- '%t' = the current target value

- '%np' = amount of players needed to sleep

- '%sp' = amount of sleeping players

- '%op' = amount of online players

- '%pc' = percentage of online players who is sleeping


These can be combined with colors using the '&'-symbol, by using the standard formatting codes:


  • sleepy.* - Access to all Sleepy commands
  • - Access to view the target with /sleepy target
  • sleepy.set - Access to the set new target with /sleepy target
  • sleepy.reload - Access to the /sleepy reload command
  • sleepy.config - Access to the /sleepy config command




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