This plugin allows for the communication between your Minecraft server and Slack.

Slack GUI

Slack GUI The Slack GUI does not come with the plugin!


  • Minecraft server chat and other events get sent to Slack
  • Slack messages can be sent to your server
  • Multiple/single Slack channel support
  • Shows player heads in Slack
  • Customize message format that is sent from Slack to the server.


  • /slack url [url] - Get and set the Webhook URL
  • /slack port [port] - Get and set the listening plugin port
  • /slack token [token] - Get and set the Token
  • /slack add <channel> - Add a channel to the list of channels to send the chat to
  • /slack remove <channel> - Remove a channel from the list of channels to send chat
  • /slack channels - List all the channels that the chat is being sent to
  • /slack format [format] - Get and set the format when a Slack message is sent to the server
  • /slack reload - Reloads the plugin config
  • /slack deaths [true|false] - Get and set whether deaths will be sent to Slack
  • /slack achievements [true|false] - Get and set whether achievements will be sent to Slack

All of the commands require the slack.use permission

How to setup

For Slack
  1. Go to your Team Settings
  2. Go to the Integrations page
  3. Enable the Incoming WebHooks integration
  4. In the Incoming WebHooks settings, select the channel to post to and take note of the WebHook URL
  5. Enable the Outcoming WebHooks integration
  6. In the Outcoming WebHooks settings, select the appropriate channel to listen on
  7. Input the server address with the plugin's port (found in config) in the URL(s) section. http://<server address>:<port>/
  8. Take note of the Token
For Plugin
  1. Set the WebHook URL (found in the Incoming WebHook settings) in the config or via command
  2. Set the Token (found in the Outcoming WebHook settings) in the config or via command
  3. Add the appropriate slack channel names in the config or via command
  4. Reload the plugin

When done properly, you should be able to see messages sent from the server on Slack and send messages to the server via Slack.


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