This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


For Updates, find SkyWarsReload on Spigot

IMPORTANT: Very Important change in Version 1.5. Read below before updating!!!


Skywars reloaded is a complete rebuild of the original skywars. A major change in the 1.5 release is that I have reverted back to a world loading system. I tried using schematics after having it requested by many people, but schematics are less efficient and don't offer the same flexibility as having each map in it's own world.

Also included in this release are a few bug fixes, big improvements to the world loading system, fixing the bugs users were having with the early versions of the plugin. This update also makes all swr items editable in config and message.yml.

So, what is the fate of the Schematic versions. Right now, I do not plan to make any further updates to the schematic version of the plugin, but I may make a few bug fixes.**


  • World Map Loading System
  • Ability to vote for maps in lobby
  • Very customizable
  • In-game and Spectator Shops
  • Kits
  • Regular and OP Chest files including player voting for OP Chests
  • BungeeMode (In development)


  • Vault - Depend (must be installed)
  • Multiverse-Core - Depend (must be installed)
  • VoidWorld - Depend (must be installed)
  • Any Economy Plugin - Soft Depend (must be installed to use economy mode - including purchasable kits)


  1. Copy the Jar file to your plugins directory.
  2. Reboot your server to install.
  3. Edit the created config to choose your game settings, SQL settings(if you want to use SQL), and you can even customize some of the player messages.
  4. Edit the chest.yml for the items you want to appear in chests (more detail below)
  5. Edit and create kits in the kit folder (more detail below)
  6. There is a test map and a lobby map pre-installed. All players need to do is use /swr join to join a game. You can also use join signs, or pressure plates.
  7. Have Fun!

Commands perms

Commands and Permissions

/swr joinAllows a player to join a game. The player is put in a queue and teleported to the lobby once the minimum number of players has joined the
/swr quitAllows the player to leave a joined
/swr kitAllows a player to open the kit menu in
/swr shopAllows a player to open the shop menu in
/swr statsAllows a player to view their skywars
/swr spectateAllows a user to spectate games in progress.swr.spectate
/swr setspawnSets the spawn point where players are returned to on game quitswr.admin
/swr listList all maps currently available and indicates whether or not they are registeredswr.maps
/swr create <mapname>Creates a map named <mapname>swr.maps
/swr edit <mapname>Edits the map named <mapname>swr.maps
/swr save <mapname>Saves a map named <mapname> if it is currently being editedswr.maps
/swr delete <mapname>Deletes a map named <mapname>swr.maps
/swr register<mapname>Attempts to register a map named <mapname>swr.maps
/swr unregister<mapname>Unregisters a map named <mapname>swr.maps
/gUsed for Global Chat
Allows the user to create and destory swr signsswr.signs
Allows the user to vote for OP chests in the lobby if OP Chest is enabled in the configswr.opchest
Allows the user to use the spectator shop when spectatingswr.spectateshop


Skywars Signs and Pressure Plates

Place a sign, putting [swr] on the first line, and "join" on the second line. Any player with permission can right click the sign to join a game. Pressure plates can be placed anywhere in the world where /swr setspawn has been set. A player who walks on the pressure pad will be queue to a game.

Skywars Maps

The map system now uses world folders for the skywars maps. These are specifically created maps for the skywars plugin. You can create maps using the /swr create map command. If you want at this point, you can use worldedit to paste your schematic into the map. The boundaries of the map must be within the maxMapSize for beacons, signs and chests to register. The boundary coordinates that the map should be within are equal to +/-(maxMapSize/2).

For Example: maxMapSize = 200 Map Boundaries (-100, y, -100) to (100, y, 100) The y value does not matter.‚Äč

For the lobby, a default lobby was installed with the game. You can merely edit this lobby however you choose, but the lobby map must be named "lobby". The signs for voting are automatically detected when the lobby map is registered. If there are less maps than signs, then some signs won't be used. If there are more maps than signs, maps are randomly chosen to be included in the voting. If no signs are placed in the lobby, a random map will be selected.


  1. Material Names
  2. Potion Numbers
  3. Enchantment Names
  4. Sound Names

Chests and Kits

Chest population is handled by the Chest.yml file and the opchest.yml file if you are using opChestVoting. You can edit these files to your liking.

# The first value is the chance of the item appearing in a chest (out of 100)
# The second value is the item, this should be the material name (as found on
# The third value is the quantity that will show up in the chest.
# For wood, potions, wool, dirt, etc (Any item that has type data), you can use a : followed by the numerical data for the item you want. 
# For example wood:2 would give you birch wood planks. You can find data values at:
# Potion data values can be found at:
# Enchantments can be added using the enchantment name (written with no spaces) followed by a : and then the enchantment level number.

# Random Stuff
- 85 wood 6
- 50 wood:2 12 
- 1 ender_pearl 1
- 50 lava_bucket 1
- 50 golden_apple 1 
- 25 golden apple 2
- 15 wooden_sword 1 sharpness:1
- 25 stone_sword 1
- 15 stone_axe 1 sharpness:1 
- 5 iron_sword 1 
- 20 leather_chestplate 1 protection:1 thorns:1
- 10 leather_helmet 1 protection:1 unbreaking:1
- 10 leather_leggings 1 protection:1 fireprotection:1 
- 20 leather_boots 1 protection:1 featherfall:1

Kits are made by creating or editing the data in the example.yml kit and saving them with the name of the kit.

  • swr.kit.<kitname> - Allows a player to use a kit.
  •<kitname> - Allows a player to get a kit for free even if it costs balance
# The material this kit should have in the inventory menu
icon: diamond_sword
# The position the kit will hold in the inventory menu starting from the top left and moving right. 
# No two kits can use the same number. This value allows you to sort the kits however you want. 
menuPostion: 0
# The cost of the kit (optional)
cost: 15000000
# Additional text added to the lores of the item in the inventory menu. You can use color codes at the start of each line. (optional)
- '&aHello'
- '&eHello'
- '&dHello'
- ' '
# The items in this kit. First item should be the material name (as found on
# The second number is the quantity of the item that will be given. 
# The third item and so on is for Enchantments. You can add multiple enchantments by putting a space between each one. 
- diamond_sword 1 sharpness:5
- diamond_helmet 1 protection:4
- diamond_chestplate 1 protection:4
- diamond_leggings 1 protection:4
- diamond_boots 1 protection:4
# The potion effects give with this kit. First item should be the potion effect name (as found on No Spaces.
# The second number is length of time (in seconds) the effect lasts (-1 is Infinite).
# The third item is the potion strength level.
- strength -1 2
- speed 30 1
- fireresistance 300 3


This plugin uses Metrics. This will help me keep track of how many servers are using the plugin. The plugins metrics can be view at the link above. To opt out of metrics, set opt-out: to "true" in the metrics config in your plugins directory.


Special Thanks to:

  1. SexyBacca99 for the images on this plugin page!!
  2. All the users giving great feedback, reporting bugs and suggesting addons.


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