Skywars v1.1


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    Jan 26, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.1


Skywars v1.1
- Adds compatibility with Bukkit SuperPerms.
- Fixes a bug where players would die from fall-damage when falling into the void and being teleported to the lobby.
- Fixes a bug where players would still be on fire after they respawn in the lobby.
- Add option to not fill prepopulated chests with the setting fill-populated-chests. fill-chests has been replaced with fill-empty-chests.
- Implements lobby radius. When set to 0, the pressure plates will behave identically as with previous version, but when set to something else, only pressure plates in the given block radius will respond to it.
- Fixes a bug where you would receive an error in console if the prefix for a user/group was not set.
- Name of kit-icon will now be matched with the appropriate ItemParser-plugin (Essentials, WorldEdit, Vault).
- Implemented game borders. Players can no longer move beyond the limit set in island-buffer.
- Implemented anti-cheat measures, including checks for god-mode, flight, game-mode and teleportation outside of borders.
- Removed island-size, distance to other islands will now be calculated based on the server's view distance.
- Fixes a bug where Multiverse was unable to delete a previous world.
- Fixes a bug where the correct amount of schematic are not shown in console at startup.
- Fixes a bug where player kills/deaths/wins/played were not saved to configuration file if using flatfile-config.
- A schematic without spawns will now error at start-up in console.
- Schematic-specific configuration in the configuration file are now automatically added once a new schematic has been added.
- Implements /sw score:
/sw score - See your own balance
/sw score <player> - See the player's balance
/sw score set <player> <amount> - Sets the players balance.
/sw score give <player> <amount> - Adds amount to players balance.
/sw score take <player> <amount> - Removes the amount from the players balance.
Permission nodes will be posted on the main page.