This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This project is being planned and developed


Looking for quests? Run an RPG server? Need a good and easy way to do quests? Quest complete! You have been awarded with this plugin! This plugin will allow you to create quests using an extremely easy to use utility program, which can run on all operating systems supported by Java such as Windows, OSX, and Linux! The objective and action types can also be expanded by other plugins.


  • Inventory quest logs
  • Large variety of objectives
  • Wide range of actions such as giving items, executing commands, etc.
  • Utility program designed to make quest designing simple yet powerful
  • Supports linear quests as well as quests with branching stories
  • A simple API
    • Custom objectives support
    • Custom actions support
    • Support in the utility program
  • Allows for custom objectives and actions


  • Quickstart Guide - This page will explain how to create your first quest.
  • Commands and Permissions - This page contains information on the commands and permissions used in SkyQuest.
  • The Quest System - This page explains SkyQuest's quest system.
  • Creating Quests - This page explains how to create and edit quests with the utility program.
  • API Documentation - (Incomplete) This page explains the classes and methods used in SkyQuest, as well as how to add custom objectives and actions.

Downloads and Progress

Latest version: 0.0.1a
Click here to view the list of files available for download.


  • Add utility support for objective visibility: Done (Objective visibility was already implemented but I forgot to add it to the utility)
  • Quest visibility: Done
  • Add &player; support for message action: Done
  • Add y-coordinate support for travel objective: Done


  • Give item action
  • Give money action
  • If action
  • Mark objective completion action
  • Dummy objective
  • Objective completion states
  • The ability to assign a quest if the quest has never been assigned before
  • /quest unassign (removes a quest from the player's quest log)
  • /quest forget (forgets that the player actually did the quest before)
  • More specific kills (ex: custom names, skeleton types)


Hey, you're missing some stuff like the ability to give items and money, a dummy objective, etc.
This is an alpha, so that is to be expected. If something you want is not on the planned or TODO list, then feel free to submit a ticket explaining what you want!
I found an error/bug!
Please submit a ticket so I can fix it for you!
Can I see the source code?
It is publicly available on GitHub here.


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