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I have taken over this inactive project. Found here

SkyPirates offers new advanced boat options, which have nor been possible before. With a few simple commands you can

  • Fly through the air, left clicking to ascend and right clicking or pressing the sneak key to descend. Explore the world as you never have before.
  • Hover over land and sea as a hovercraft
  • Glide down gracefully with the glider mode, using left click to boost and navigate past dangerous obstacles.
  • Explore the deep depths of the ocean in submarine more.
  • Smash your way through everything in drill mode, using left cluck to destroy everything below you after you place your boat on land.

More features!

  • Turning speed is increased, so no more painstakingly slow arcs to avoid that obstacle.
  • Permissions are now handled the native bukkit way!

SkyPirates - the ultimate in transportation plugins.

Commands and Controls

use /skypirates /sky or /skypi

Please note: the '|' character means you can use the command before or after the '|', and they'll do the same thing. IE. /sky p is the same as /skypirates plane.

  • /skypirates|skypi|sky plane|p - switches to plane mode.
  • /skypirates|skypi|sky submarine|sub|s - switches to submarine mode.
  • /skypirates|skypi|sky hoverboat|hover|h - switches to hoverboat mode.
  • /skypirates|skypi|sky glider|g - switches to glider mode.
  • /skypirates|skypi|sky drill|d - switches to drill mode.
  • /skypirates|skypi|sky (anything) - for normal mode.
  • /skypirates|skypi|sky clear|c - clears all empty SkyPirates boats. (Might be buggy)
  • /skypirates|skypi|sky help - lists available modes.

Left click to ascend. Hold the crouch/sneak key to descend or right click to descend while holding a block.

Certain modes have different effects with the controls.

Certain blocks have different abilities when right clicking or pressing the sneak key

  • arrow -> shoot arrows rapid-fire
  • TNT -> drop mines and rain death on your foes
  • diamond -> boost by right clicking or pressing the sneak key
  • snowblock -> grind to a sudden halt

Passive abilities

  • Hold coal -> change hover height when in hover mode
  • Wear a helmet -> breath underwater

SkyPirate is designed to be as easy to use as possible. To change modes, use the SkyPirates command detailed in the commands section of this post. If given the appropriate permissions, every time a player steps into a boat, the default mode will be enabled. Simply swing your arm to jump, and once on land, you will also be able to drive as normal.

Once in flying mode, use arm swings to fly up, and right clicks to head down. The boat controls are otherwise exactly the same. The only limitation, due to missing Bukkit hooks, is that one must be holding an item while right clicking to go down. An easy to learn control method, without breaking the flow of immersion.

While in submarine mode, the boat will automatically sink slowly towards the bottom. If given the infinite air permission (look below), you will never run out of air. To swim towards the surface, swing your arm in any direction. To drop faster, use right clicks.

Change Logs

Source Code

Source code is on Github

Known Issues

See here

Default Permissions

      description: Gives access to all SkyPirates commands
           description: stops damage to boat
           default: op
           description: allows access to the clear command.
           default: op
           description: enables default functions of SkyPirates. (jumping boat, mode change command access)
           default: true
           description: gives unlimited air while in submarine mode.
           default: true
           description: allows a player to change modes.
           default: true
           description: gives access to the help command.
           default: true
           description:  allows a player to change mode to plane.
           default: true
           description:  allows a player to change mode to submarine.
           default: true
           description:  allows a player to change mode to hoverboat.
           default: true
           description:  allows a player to change mode to glider.
           default: true
           description: allows a player to change mode to drill.
           default: op
           description: allows access to item abilities
           default: op
           description: allows access to item abilities
           default: op
           description: allows access to item abilities
           default: true
           description: allows access to item abilities
           default: true
           description: allows access to item abilities
           default: true
           description: allows access to item abilities
           default: true


The config.yml file which will be generated has the option to customise the messages displayed. In addition, you can set destroy-boat-on-exit to true so that when you leave the boat, it is removed and added to your inventory.

The default options are here

  no-permission: You don't have permission to use that command.
  no-boats: There are no SkyPirates boats to remove.
  not-in-boat: You are not in a boat.
  enter: You feel a tingling sensation as you step into the boat.
  exit: The tingling disappears as you hop out.
  stop: The boat stops with a sudden jolt.
  plane: The boat feels suddenly weightless, like a breath of wind would carry you away!
  submarine: You feel the boat getting heavier and heavier as you sink beneath the waves.
  hover: The boat lifts into the air, hovering over the world below.
  glider: The boat prepares to float gently downwards.
  drill: The boat feels like it has immense force behind it, enough to drill through solid earth.
  normal: The boat is just that, an ordinary vehicle.
  destroy-boat-on-exit: false


Most major functionality is written by fullwall, but people, either unknowingly or not, helped with the making of this plugin. Some credit must go to Afforess, some of whose Minecart Mania code fullwall used as a starting point. The author of PickBoat too, for his damage boat code fullwall used in an attempt to stop block collisions killing boats. The testers fullwall pressganged into helping me deserve thanks, as does Redecouverte, whose boat turning and speed up code fullwall adapted for the plugin. Lucagd, who came up with the idea for the name, wanted credit, so here it is.


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