Commands and Permissions

Commands and Permissions

There are only a few Commands which all can be checked ingame as well.

All permissions start with the Node "skypemc." e.g., skypemc.version...

/skype: Shows commands for /skype
   Aliases: /skype help
   Pemissions: help

/skype version: Shows the version of Skype in a Bukkit
   Aliases: none
   Permissions: version

/skype msg <message>: Sends message to currently active Skype Chat
   Aliases: none
   Permissions: sendMessage

/skype addChat <ChatID>: Add <ChatID> to active Skype Chats
   Aliases: /skype add <ChatID>
   Permissions: addActiveChat

/skype clearChatList: Removes all Chats from the active Skype Chats
   Aliases: none
   Permissions: clearActiveChatList

/skype getChats: Shows all Chats that are currently marked as active
   Aliases: /skype gc
   Permissions: getChatID

/skype output <on/off>: Turn logging of Skype Messages to console on or off
   Aliases: none
   Permissions: Enable Logging: output.on
                       Disable Logging:
                       Enable&Disable Logging: output

/skype IDGrabber <on/off>: Turn Chat ID Grabbing on or off.
   Aliases: none
   Permissions: Enable ID Grabber: IDGrabber.on
                       Disable ID Grabber:
                       Enable&Disable ID Grabber: IDGrabber
/skype opt-out: Disable Metrics
   Aliases: none
   Permissions: opt-out
/skype opt-in: Enable Metrics
   Aliases: none
   Permissions: opt-in


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