Remote Controlling the plugin

The server socket is managed by the plugin but I have created some open-source clients.

Available commands

Things in < > are optional and things in [ ] are not optional.

(auth [password] - You do not need to use this command with my clients, only if you restart / reload your server).

create [player] #[message]#<world,x,y,z> (Example : 'create Skyost #My message#Unicorn Island,10,256,10') - Used to create a new ticket.

view <player> <id> - View the ticket <id> of <player>.

delete <player> <id> - Delete the ticket <id> of <player>.

claim [player] [id] - Claim the ticket <id> of <player>.

status [player] [id] - Change the status of the ticket <id> of <player>. You need to be an owner of this ticket.



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