Skyoseasons - Documentation

This documentation is intended to work with Skyoseasons v4.1.

/!\ WARNING ! /!\ You server must be stopped if you want to edit the config !

How does it work ?

Install it like any other plugin and configure it as you want. Simple, no ?


Command Aliases Permission Description
/skyoseasons <day <new-day>|month <new-month>|season <new-season>|season-month <new-season-month>|year <new-year>> /season, /seasons skyoseasons.calendar.[setday/setmonth/setseason/setseasonmonth/setyear] Main command of Skyoseasons.
/calendar /cal skyoseasons.calendar Allows you to open the calendar.


Examples :

  • /skyoseasons day 1 - skyoseasons.calendar.setday - Sets the current day (of month) to 1.
  • /seasons season WINTER - skyoseasons.calendar.setseason - Sets the current season to Winter.




seasons-directory     The directory where the plugin stores and loads seasons.
worlds-saves-directory     The directory where the plugin stores and loads worlds.
worlds     Worlds where the plugin is enabled.
time-control refresh-time  

The refresh interval of the plugin (for the day and night adjustments). Lower will be more precise and smooth but will use more CPU.

Remember : The moon phase will constently be changed, it's a Bukkit bug, not a Skyoseasons bug.

backups enable   If you want to enable backups.
  directory   The backups' directory.
logs console enable If you want to enable console logging.
  file enable Enable file logging.
    directory The logs directory (if file logging is enabled).
enable protocollib   If you want to enable the ProtocolLib hook. You need to have ProtocolLib on your server.
  metrics   If you want to enable support (it helps me).
  skyupdater   If you want to enable Skyupdater (auto-updates).



months     The months of the year. No need to order them. But you have to respect the formatting ({"Days":number of days,"Name":"month name"}).
ordinal-suffixes     Ordinal suffixes. When you have a date like "the first, the second, the fird, the fourth", ...
You need to order those suffixes !
calendar today   Today's item options.
    item The today's item type. You have a list of available types here.
    name The today's item name.
  days   Others days' item options (like today's item options).
messages     Messages of the calendar.
  year   The broadcasted message when the year change.



name     The name of this season. Needs to be unique.
next     The season which comes after this one.
message     The message when this season comes.
title      The title displayed when this season comes.
  enable   If this option should be enabled.
  message   The title's message.
  subtitle   The subtitle.
  fade-in   The fade in duration (in ticks).
  stay   The "stay on screen" duration (in ticks).
  fade-out   The fade out duration.
default-biome     The default biome of this season (if nothing is found in replacements, below).

Replacements biomes. Put your data like this, biome: replacement. For example, if I put JUNGLE: DESERT, the world's jungles will be replaced by deserts. You have a list of available biomes here.

resource-pack-url     The resource pack (for this season) or NONE if you want to disable this option.
day length   The length of the day (in sec).
  message enable If you want to broadcast a message when the day comes.
    message The message to broadcast if enabled.
night     Night options. Like day options.
can-rain     If it can rain (or snow) in this season.
always-rain     If it always rain in this season.
cancel-auto-snow-placing     If no snow should be placed in snow biomes by the server (I mean, not by the plugin).
snow-melt     Snow melt options for this season.
  enable   If snow melt is enabled (consumes some CPU).
  eternal-y   When the Y of a block is higher than this value, the snow will not melt.
  max-delay   Lower is your value, faster will be the snow melt. But it will consumes more CPU (60 ticks = 3 seconds max. between two melts).
months   number How long is this season (in months).
    message When a month is changed, this message will be broadcasted.
protocollib snow-placer enable If you want to enable the snow placer which places snow in your world (because if ProtocolLib is installed, snow will not be placed) : consumes some CPU too.
    allow-stacks Allows to stack the snow.
    max-delays The max delays. Lower is your value, faster will be the snow placer but it will cost you more CPU (60 ticks = 3 seconds max. between two snow placing).
    forbidden-blocks Snow will not be placed on these blocks. A list of blocks is available here.
    forbidden-biomes Snow will not be placed in these biomes. A list of biomes is available here.


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