Skyolympus - Now you are the god...

You can use your powers for good... Or for evil...

Get ready for some epics battles !

Thanks to my brother, Martin for this fantastic idea ;)

Commands and configurations

Commands :

/olympmod - Activate the Olympmod and give you some items from the Olympus !

Config :

In the config, you can set custom names / custom messages for the plugin !

You have the option OlympmodBreakBlocks too, if you set it to false, the Olympmod will not damage your world.


Zeus Lightning Send Lightnings and create explosions with this item !

Trident of Poseidon Create water with this item.

Scepter of Hades Create an explosion with fire and lava.

Seeds of Demeter Create trees / turn entities and players into tree !

Wood of Gaia Remove the soil / teleport an entity under the bedrock !

Scythe of Thanatos Kill a random player on the server. (If it seem to have no effects, it is because this item can't kill you !)

Sword of Ares Get all the power of Ares in this sword.


Known bugs

Currently, you can get an error sometimes.

To avoid this, please do not keep stuff from the Olympmod in your inventory. However, you can fix this error by doing a simple reload.

Donate for Skyolympus

Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.



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