SkyLab is a Theatrical Kill, Kick and ban plugin for administrators. SkyLab emulates a orbital space station powering up and raining death on your target.


  • One command
  • Fully configurable text.
  • WorldGuard soft dependency allows it to respect regions.
  • Toggle terrain destruction
  • Kills players no matter what mode
  • Kicks
  • Bans
  • Leaves a smoking crater where your foes once stood
  • Explosion radius now adjustable
  • Players entity cannot leave the game until the process is complete.

Soft Dependency

World Guard This allows SkyLab to check if the player is in a region and if so it disables terrain destruction


/SkyLab [mode] <name> /SL for short

Possible modes are none, kick, and Ban.

Permission node

SkyLab.* - Full access to SkyLab SkyLab.kill - Allows user to use basic SkyLab SkyLab.kick - Allows user kick with SkyLab SkyLab.ban - Allows user to ban with SkyLab


  • Player offline "Hunt" mode (When player logs back in skylab launches automatically.)
  • Add color customization.

Other information

Video tutorial

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If you have any problems, please comment on here. Suggestions or problems are always appreciated.


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