This plugin is made mainly for, but not limited to, Skyblock servers. The plugin will let you decide which blocks that should be generated when flowing lava touches flowing water, instead of Cobblestone.

I've seen similar plugins on Bukkit earlier, but all of them were buggy and outdated, had weird item rates, etc. So I decided to make my own one! This one has support for selecting the world you're using for islands, so you can basically try out the plugin on a different world before actually implementing the plugin to the Skyblock world.

This plugin will also allow you to define different rates for generating blocks, depending on what permission the player has. Important is that you make sure you define the permissiongroups with the lowest permissiongroup first. Only the LAST group that you ARE in will be used.

So what is this good for?

It's a a nice add-on if you would like your Cobblestone Generator to generate more than Cobblestone. You can add any blocks that may be placed on the ground to the settings and how often it should generate when a block is being generated.

Something that is unique with this plugin is that you can add ANY block that you wish to be generated! But keep in mind that the rates of all items together always must be 1000, totally! Also, remember that you specify the material as per the Bukkit/Spigot Material class, so you have to use the following labels (and you may only use solid blocks). It is case sensitive.

Default configuration:

Example configuration:


/skyblockores - Displays your chances to each item when you're generating Cobblestone
/cobblestone, /ores - Same as above
/skyblockores reload - Reloads the configuration file


Everyone will have permission to default
skyblockores.<permissiongroup>, for example - Permission to use /skyblockores, /cobblestone and /ores
skyblockores.reload - Permission to reload configuration


Any suggestions? Please let me know!

Unless you mind, please leave a review!


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