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  • _ForgeUser11648695 created this issue Aug 22, 2013

    Basically when i start the server the plugin fails to load as it cant load blocks and which causes the arenas not to be able to be loaded or player when executing command such as /sw join 1

    here's the error

    By the way i have the latest world edit installed

    08:21:38 [severe]  Error occurred while enabling Sky-Block Wars v1.0.0 (Is it up to date?)
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace] java.lang.NullPointerException
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at com.sk89q.worldedit.bukkit.BukkitWorld.getBlockType(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at com.sk89q.worldedit.bukkit.BukkitWorld.getBlock(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at com.sk89q.worldedit.EditSession.rawGetBlock(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at com.sk89q.worldedit.EditSession.getBlock(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at com.sk89q.worldedit.EditSession.setBlock(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at com.sk89q.worldedit.CuboidClipboard.paste(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at com.sk89q.worldedit.CuboidClipboard.paste(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at me.kyle.burnett.SkyBlockWarriors.Utils.WorldEditUtility.loadIslandSchematic(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at me.kyle.burnett.SkyBlockWarriors.Game.prepareArena(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at me.kyle.burnett.SkyBlockWarriors.Game.<init>(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at me.kyle.burnett.SkyBlockWarriors.GameManager.setUp(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at me.kyle.burnett.SkyBlockWarriors.Main$
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at me.kyle.burnett.SkyBlockWarriors.Main.setUp(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at me.kyle.burnett.SkyBlockWarriors.Main.onEnable(
    08:21:38 [javastacktrace]     at
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_6_R2.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_6_R2.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at net.minecraft.server.v1_6_R2.MinecraftServer.l(
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at net.minecraft.server.v1_6_R2.MinecraftServer.f(
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at net.minecraft.server.v1_6_R2.MinecraftServer.a(
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at net.minecraft.server.v1_6_R2.DedicatedServer.init(
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at
    08:21:39 [javastacktrace]     at

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  • Gungadean posted a comment Aug 23, 2013

    Hello, I would like to know a little bit more about your set up. Using the build we have available and the latest version of WorldEdit(v5.5.7) I was unable to recreate your problem. I am hoping that you will be able to tell me both the build number for the CraftBukkit version you are on and I would also like you to make sure that WorldEdit didn't run into problems are startup.

  • Gungadean removed a tag New Aug 23, 2013
  • Gungadean added a tag Started Aug 23, 2013
  • _ForgeUser11648695 posted a comment Aug 24, 2013

    @Gungadean: Go

    Thanks for replying, I forgot to mention these four lines which come before the error I first put up

    09:55:32 [severe] Error while loading schematic for arena 1 09:55:33 [warning] [WorldEdit] No compatible nms block class found. 09:55:33 [javastacktrace] at com.sk89q.worldedit.bukkit.BukkitWorld.getBlock( 09:55:33 [javastacktrace] java.lang.NullPointerException

    (The arena is called 1)

    In my Worldedit folder I have nmsblocks folder with some class files and also a schematic folder with my servers schematics and your skywars schematic (with original name)

    Also I am using craftbukkit build 1.6.2-R0 #2853 (I have no problem if you want me to upgrade)

  • _ForgeUser11648695 posted a comment Aug 24, 2013

    @Gungadean: Go

    Ok. So after some messing around with my local server I figured our why the error was caused . I have multiple worlds controlled by the plugin multiverse, my default world/ first lobby world was set to the default in the file, this caused the error as worldedit couldn't load the schematic into the skyblock wars map/world as it wasnt set as the default world in the server properties, so setting the default world to the skyblock world allowed the schematic to load and no console errors.

    As I am using multiverse it has let me set the default world as my intended world whereas the files has the skyblock wars map as default so all is good.

    I hope you can ask Burnett to fix this bug and you can tell others that are experiencing the same problem from the comments.

  • Gungadean posted a comment Aug 25, 2013

    @nikee9: Go

    Well, thank you for figuring this out. I just got back from a hiking trip and it is nice to know that I have one less thing to work on. I have this week off and plan to work on this plugin fixing bugs and hopefully look into requested features if everything else is taken care of. Once again thank you for doing trouble shooting on your end rather than leaving it to us.

  • _ForgeUser10549655 posted a comment Sep 12, 2013

    I'm having this same issue, but I cant fix it. I'm trying to run multiple worlds with this plugin, but when I do that I get the same error nikee9 is getting. So is there any real fix for this problem?

  • CaptainChef_Minecraft posted a comment Nov 11, 2014

    @nikee9: Go

    1. Open your plugin jar and then file plugin.yml 2. Add line "softdepend: [Multiverse-Core]", where Multiverse-Core - the name of your multi-world plugin 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!

  • CaptainChef_Minecraft posted a comment Nov 11, 2014

    @HeroGrim: Go

    1. Open your plugin jar and then file plugin.yml 2. Add line "softdepend: [Multiverse-Core]", where Multiverse-Core - the name of your multi-world plugin 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!

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