Skull Turret

Skull Turrets - creepy skulls at your command:

This plugin allows players to craft and place skulls that can automatically target and attack mobs or players with arrows. Each skull level is crafted from the previous skull level using ingredients that become more difficult to obtain with each crafting level. Great for perimeter defense of your Minecraft fort.


  • v0.4 Supports localization
  • Supports UUID
  • Auto Targeting and firing (Configurable)
  • Skulls can use ammo chests (Configurable)
  • Skulls have health and can be damaged with weapons (Configurable)
  • Skulls can use fire enchanted bows from ammo chests to fire flame arrows (Configurable)
  • Skulls can be set to use custom skins based on username
  • Skulls can be configured to turn off or on with Redstone signals
  • Skulls Rotate to target (Configurable)
  • Skulls rotate to patrol visible area and can target based on visibility, mob type, distance, health and armor
  • 6 craftable types of skulls, Crazed, Devious, Master, Wizard and two temporary skulls types (Devious & Master). Each having varied levels of intelligence for targeting and firing abilities.
  • Customizable crafting recipes
  • Smartest skull types will attempt to avoid friendly fire
  • Custom Bow item to set priority targets for skulls to attack
  • Many different config options, including per player settings
  • Supports permission node based Group limits (Special thanks to SXRWahrheit)
  • Ability to set defaults for newly created skullturrets
  • Only uses Bukkit API and so should not break every update.
  • Optionally supports Factions 2.7
  • Optionally supports Towny 0.88
  • Optionally supports DisguiseCraft 4.9
  • Optionally supports Vanish No Packet
  • Optionally supports Vault Economies

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Crafting InfoConfig InfoChange Log
CommandsPer Player ConfigExample Language File
Group Config
Recipe Config
Entities Config

If you find a bug, please feel free to post a ticket.
This plugin in now considered feature complete, no further features will be added.

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