Skull Turret v0.41a4 -jar -SPIGOT 1.9


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    Mar 21, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


- 0.41a4 bug fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing building at spawn (Needs more testing)
  • Fixed issue with Temp Turrets causing Tile Entity Exception when placed
  • Fixed Temp turrets not removing skull portion of turret if destroyed or base is destroyed
  • Added shulker to entity list

- 0.41a3 bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with orb spam
  • Fixed issue with skulls edit command giving skull book when a skull is clicked

- 0.41a2 bug fixes

  • Small fireball had a bunch of issues and unintended consequences (Like starting fires and arcing off in wild directions) Changed to shulker bullet instead...
  • Removed some console spam debug info about skullbooks
  • Fixed bug in skullbook detection if player already possesses a skullbook from the same skull

- 0.41a1 MC 1.9 updates

  • Fixed issues with Blaze Sounds not playing.
  • Fixed issues with double clicking caused by new off hand in mc 1.9
  • Fixed issues with Wizard skull potion selection
  • Re-enabled skull sound fx. Skulls now once again randomly make a breath sound when a target is spotted
  • Changed from snowball as wizard projectile to Small fireball
  • Fixed issue with skullbook parsing

Tested on Spigot 1.9 latest as of 3-21-2016