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    Aug 26, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


- 0.32b3 Features, bug fixes

  • Added Vault based economy support
  • Added command /sk buy <item><amount>
    • Valid items are Crazed (c), Devious (d), Master (m), Wizard (w), Bow (b)
  • Added command /sk costs
    • Shows the prices of all items a player has permission to buy from Skullturret item list
  • Added permissions:
    • - super node for all below nodes
      • - allows purchase of crazed skulls
      • - allows purchase of devious skulls
      • - allows purchase of master skulls
      • - allows purchase of wizard skulls
      • - allows purchase of skull bows
  • Updated help command for /sk buy and /sk costs
  • Added config options:
    • use_vault_economy: false - Setting to enable Vault based economy support
    • econ_bow_price: 2.0
    • econ_crazed_skull_price: 1.0
    • econ_devious_skull_price: 2.0
    • econ_master_skull_price: 3.0
    • econ_wizard_skull_price: 4.0
      • Prices are not balanced and should be changed before use.
  • Fixed offline bug in Towny again. Hopefully its totally fixed now.
  • towny Players who are not a member of any town are valid targets for skulls
  • Towny Embassies are now considered when skulls are picking targets. If a player is not a member of any town and owns an Embassy plot in a town. The skull will ignore that player. Embassy plot ownership is ignored if the plot owner is a member of another town.
  • Fixed bug in Towny friends detection. If a resident is a friend of a player who owns skulls those skulls will ignore that friend.
  • Fixed another bug in factions for offline players. Seems UPlayer.getFaction() returns Wilderness if UPlayer is offline.
  • Nomads can no longer place skulls in towns
  • Added Towny config options
    • nomads_can_place_skulls: true - allows nomads to place skulls in wilderness
    • nationless_towns_can_place_skulls: true - allows nationless town residents to place skulls
    • skulls_respect_pvp_rule: false - towns without nations will respect pvp rules and skulls will attack based on pvp
    • skulls_ignore_embassy_owners: true - if a nomad owns a embassy plot then skulls will ignore that nomad
    • town_skulls_ignore_nomads: false - if true town skulls will ignore nomads
    • skulls_in_wilderness_target_everyone: true - if true any skull placed in the wilderness will target any player reguardless of nation or town
    • allow_towny_skulls_destruct: true - if false skulls will go offline instead of self destruct / skulls can still self destruct if skulls are allowed to be damaged by players
  • added faction config option allow_faction_skulls_destruct: true - if false skulls will go offline instead of self destruct / skulls can still self destruct if skulls are allowed to be damaged by players

This is Beta Code - there may be bugs, please report them by making a ticket.
See Change Log for all changes so far!

Thank you for helping test this, if you choose to do so.

Enjoy! :)

This should be the last beta before 0.32 is released. No more features only bug fixes! :D