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    Aug 18, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


- 0.32b2 Features, Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in setting skull skins if the username entered did not exist. Would cause unhandled exception and break setting skull turret skins until plugin restart
    • Updated error messages to reflect not being able to set skin to non-existant users
  • /sk rotate command now will update the skulls internal facing direction so that if a skull is allowed to patrol again it will start at the rotated direction not where it last ended a patrol cycle
  • Fixed Friendly fire setting, skulls were not using UUID and were not identifying friendlies
  • Fixed Disguisecraft support for players disguised as skull owners. UUID was not being used.
  • Fixed bug in Skull's fire/miss intelligence causing all skulls to believe they missed the target if one skull missed the same target. Groups of Skulls targeting the same mob should be much more willing to shoot now
  • Wizard skulls will now pick a new target or wait 5 seconds if they miss a shot like master turrets do
  • Fix bug causing players who are op and have Per player settings. Will nolonger have their setting erased because Op meant they were in all groups available. Per Player Settings in this case will override Groups if the player is an Op
  • Fixed a test for skull placement. It is no longer possable to place a Crazed, devious, master or wizard against a fence instead of on top. Would result in a Wall skull instead of a Ground skull.
  • Fixed bug in towny detection, Towns owned by a player who was offline would break skull targeting
  • Fixed bug in offline player detection when using offline_players_skulls_offline config option
  • Fixed bug in factions detection, faction owned by a player who was offline would break skull targeting
  • Fixed bug in player Skull count if skulls destructed or were removed in some other way that was not a block break event
  • Added option Enabled to recipe.yml
    • Turns off the individual recipes for crafting skulls, this does not affect the give command
  • Added config option crazed_devious_target_players
    • Default false.
    • True allows Crazed and Devious skulls to target all players except their owners
  • Updated to Factions 2.5, Imports changed, 2.4 and below are nolonger supported. I see no way to support both at the same time like I could with 1.8 and 2.0. Sorry.
  • Added config options to factions support
    • target_neutral: false
    • target_truce: false
    • target_enemy: true
    • target_ally: false
    • target_peaceful: false
    • target_unaffiliated: true
    • allow_placement_enemy_territory: false
    • allow_placement_neutral_territory: false
    • allow_placement_truce_territory: false
    • allow_placement_own_territory: true
    • allow_placement_ally_territory: true
    • allow_placement_peaceful_territory: true
    • allow_placement_wilderness: true
      • Above Values are pretty self explanatory, target config options allows a skull to target that player type, placement config options allow skulls to be placed in that territory type
    • use_faction_power_to_limit_player_skulls: false
      • Will allow skull placement limits based on the amount of power a faction has
    • faction_power_per_skull: 1.0
      • Sets the faction power required per skull.
      • Example: Faction Alpha has 10 power, if each skull costs 1 point a piece then the faction can have 10 skulls per player. If there are 3 members then each member can have 10 skulls for a total of 30 skulls for that faction
      • This was done this way so that no one faction member can hog all the skulls available to the faction.
      • Default power cost is not balanced in any way and should be set before use
      • Value should not be a negative number or zero
      • If a faction looses power and the faction players have too many skulls active, then those players in the faction with too many skulls will have some of their skulls go offline until the faction has enough power to support the skulls those players own.
      • If faction power is used to limit players then the config option skulls_per_player sets the absolute max a player can have. Example, if a factions power allows players to have 10 skulls each but skulls_per_player is set to 5 then a factions members can have no more then 5 skulls active. This keeps powerful factions from having ridiculous amounts of turrets.
      • Per player groups and Per Player settings will override factions skull limits

This is Beta Code - there may be bugs, please report them by making a ticket.
See Change Log for all changes so far!

Here is a pastebin of the recipes.yml with the new Enabled config option: recipes.yml

Thank you for helping test this, if you choose to do so.

Enjoy! :)

Known issues: Bug in offline mode still partially exists in towny support. Offline Mayors or founder of a town/nation will have all members of that town/nation be considered allies of all other nations/towns until the mayor is online. Enemy or not. This is fixed in v0.32b3

Factions 2.5 support still has a offline bug. This is fixed in v0.32b3.