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    Jul 15, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


- 0.32a2 Features, Bug fixes

  • Crazed and Devious Skulls no long target Golems or NPCs
  • Fixed a bug in add/rem friend/enemy commands that didnt allow "PLAYER" as a mob type. This was also fixed for global commands. The bug caused an error message about invalid mobs
  • Added config option profile_url
    • Allows for the changing of the profile url for UUID. In case at some time it changes, its not hardcoded
  • Added the ability to customize the Skull and Skull Bow recipes. Default Examples in the recipes.yml
  • Added recipes.yml for customizing skull and skull bow recipes
  • Added ability to configure targetable entities. Default examples in the entities.yml
    • Mainly for future-proofing wizard skulls and target priorities because skulls can already target any valid living entity
  • Added ability to configure custom entity names. Default examples at bottom of entities.yml
    • This is used as a convenience to aggregate groups of mobs under a single mob type
    • IE animals would contain pigs, sheep, cows etc. So using the command /sk add enemy animals would put pigs, sheep, and cows into the a skulls enemy list.
  • Fixed bug with skulls targeting players
  • Added ability to harm Skulls with configurable weapons and bows
  • Enabled damaged skulls to destruct after a configurable time limit
  • Added ability to repair skulls with a configurable item
  • Added Permissions:
    • skullturret.attack.bow - allows users to attack with bow
    • skullturret.attack.weapon - allows users to attack with weapons specified in config
    • skullturret.attack - permissions node for both above permissions
    • - allows users to repair skulls with item specified in config
  • Added new config options:
    • allow_skull_damage - (default: false) This setting allows skulls to take damage from players
    • allow_damaged_skull_destruct - (default: false) This setting allows damaged skulls to be destroyed
    • allow_skull_retaliate - (default: false) Like pig zombies, If you attack a skull all skulls owned by that skulls owner will choose you as a target. However, unlike pig zombies skulls forget after a minute of not being attacked
    • skull_destruct_timer - (default: 90000) This setting is used to set the time before a skull destructs from damage. Time is in milliseconds
    • crazed_repair_item - (default: STICK) items that can be used to repair a skull
    • devious_repair_item - (default: BONE) items that can be used to repair a skull
    • master_repair_item - (default: DIAMOND) items that can be used to repair a skull
    • wizard_repair_item - (default: GOLD_INGOT) items that can be used to repair a skull
    • consume_repair_item - (default: true) This setting is used to set if the repair consumes the repair item
    • skull_repair_amount - (default: 5) This is the amount of health that is readded to the skulls health per repair hit
    • skull_damage_recovery_time (default: 15000) This setting sets the amount of time before a slightly damaged skull will recover. If a skull is damaged but does not have a health of 0 then the Skull naturally recovers all health after 15 seconds of not being attacked. Time is in milliseconds
    • crazed_health - (default: 30)
    • devious_health - (default: 40)
    • master_health - (default: 60)
    • wizard_health - (default: 50)
    • allow_arrow_damage - (default: true) This setting enables or disables skulls taking damage from player bow shots. Arrow damage is scaled based on force (fully charged = 9.0 no charge = 1.0) No random chance for 10 Damage based on minecraft wiki This setting is seperate from allow_skull_damage
    • weapons - This is a list of weapons that will hurt Skulls and their damage values Note Air is for an empty hand A list of valid materials are found here Defaults are in the config file
    • If config option offline_players is true the skulls can not take damage, since the skull cant fight back

This is Alpha Code - backup your Skull Turret database directory
See Change Log for all changes so far!

I have tested this to a limited extent and it appears to work correctly. However, just because it appears to work does not mean it works flawlessly. This wont eat your server, worst case it might mess up the skullturret database. After 10 or so conversion tests I've not seen it happen so I would say its very remote. In any case, If you find a bug please create a Ticket and be as detailed as you possibly can.

Note: No changes in save structure between a1 and now. So, if save conversion worked for you in a1 then no need to worry.

Thank you for helping test this, if you choose to do so.

Enjoy! :)