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    Apr 29, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


- 0.31 Features

  • Implemented a way to set all player owned skulls at once
    • Simply use a command that would usually need a selected skull without selecting a skull and all owned skulls will be update with that setting
    • special permission required
    • Commands effected: add friend/enemy, rem friend/enemy, patrol, redstone, ammo, skin
  • Added skullturret.multiskullupdate
    • Gives permission to update all owned skulls at once with commands that normally require skull selection
    • Member of Admin permission node
  • Added ability to set defaults for wizard and master skulls
    • Added new command: (Ticket - 8)
    • /skull default <reset (w/m)>
      • Used to set defaults for master and wizard skulls
      • can also use Master or Wizard instead of M and W
      • If setting defaults for wizard skulls use /skull default and click the wizard skull with a wizard skull item
      • If setting defaults for master skulls user /skull default and click the master skull with a master skull item
      • If you wish to reset default for a skull type use /skull default reset and click a skull like above
      • Alternativly you can use w or m as a argument for resetting wizard and master skull defaults
      • IE. /skull default reset w - would reset your wizard skull defaults
    • Added permission node skullturret.default
      • Used to allow players to save skull default settings
    • Master skulls settings saved include, Skin type, patrol, redstone, and ammo type
    • Wizard skulls settings saved include, Skin type, patrol, and redstone
    • Help command updated with new command help for /skull default
  • Added per group settings
    • Groups are set up in the groupinfo.yml file
    • Each group in the yml file is used to set a permission
    • EX:
    MaxTurrets: 5
    MaxRange: 21

In this case a player with the permission skullturret.members would be in the group members and all the settings for that group would apply to them overridding any per player settings they have

  • Added the config option allow_infinite_bow
    • Allows skulls to use bows enchanted with infinite to shoot unlimited arrows. Must have at least 1 arrow in the chest to shoot infinitely
    • Changed bow_durability_per_shot config option to control durability for all bow types in ammo chests

Not tested with 1.5.2 limited support will be removed for mc1.8
Skull skin changing does not work correctly in 1.7.9 and can cause NPE's in the console. This version was not designed for 1.7.9+