Skull Turret v0.28 -jar


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    Sep 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.4
  • CB 1.6.2-R1.0


- 0.28 DisguiseCraft Support, Bug fixes, reverse compatibility mode

  • Added && to special permissions in book target parsing method
  • Fixed some possible cast exceptions in meta data checks
  • Fixed bug in player targeting
  • Forget previous target if skullturret is set to listen to redstone and is depowered while targetingt
  • Added config option mc_1.5.2_compatibility
    • Default false disabled
    • Allows skullturret to run on servers using version 1.5.2 without errors
    • UNSUPPORTED MODE: This mode was tested on 1.5.2 and I saw no issues. However, I wont respond to bug reports with this mode enabled.
  • Changed from checking for squids specifically in targeting to checking for WaterMobs. Future proof?
  • Added DisguiseCraft 4.9 support
    • Targets will be chosen based on disguise
    • Blocks are not considered valid targets
    • Players disguised as other players are not supported and will be targeted as if not disguised
    • All animal and Monster disguise types are valid targets
    • Skulls will continue to target players if they change disguise while a target of a skullturret
  • Added config option disguisecraft_support
    • Default false disabled
    • Enabled allows for use of disguisecraft disguises to fool skullturrets
  • Update factions support to include Factions 1.8.2
    • Because I've seen a lot of hate for 2.0
    • Only support is for factions version 1.8.2, Version 2 and above.
    • SkullTurret will smartly choose which factions api to use if factions is enabled in config.