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    Sep 15, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2
  • 1.5.2
  • 1.2.5


= Additions =
New effects: colour armour, enchant, log, open inventory, parse, potion, replace, shear, and vehicle
New conditions: contains, damage cause, date, is alive, is blocking, is empty, is riding
New expressions: amount of, bed, chunk, coloured, command, command sender, compass target, damage cause, direction, element, enchantment level, ender chest, exe location, hash, item, items in, level, level progress, location of, location at, max health, named, parse, parse error, passenger, remaining air, round, script, skull, speed, value, vehicle, version, yaw/pitch, at
New events: command, entity target, experience spawn, grow, move on, script load/unload, Skript enable/disable
New types: type, timespan, direction, tree type, enchantment type, experience, potion effect type, damage cause, chunk, enchantment
New script features: while loop, expression lists, grouped expressions
(see documentation for more info on the new elements above)

Skript now updates automatically if specified in the config, or by commands
Started making Skript localizeable, german is included in the defauld download
Added option 'case sensitive'
Variables can be stored in a database which can also be monitored for changes
Added saddled pigs and wither skeletons

Skript can now hook into other plugins. Currently Vault, WorldGuard and Factions can be hooked and add the following new elements if present: type 'money', expression 'money', expression 'chat prefix/suffix', condition 'can build'

= Changes =
Improved error logging
The /skript command now accept folders as arguments (use / or \ at the end) to enable/disable/reload whole folders of scripts
Local variables now start with _ instead of *
Variables can now be lists (including local variables)
Variables that contain a time or date value can now be changed
Improved changing variables
%player% now always represents the Minecraft account name of a player, not their display name anymore. Use %display name of player% if you need it.

... and many more changes I can't remember

= Fixes =
Fixed number accuracy of 0 resulting in errors
Fixed database storage from stpping from an error if loading variables takes longer than 'monitor interval'
Fixed Minecraft times from comparing erroneously

... and myriads of other bug fixes