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    Jul 28, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R5.0


Added a 'damage' expression
Fixed string lists not being split correctly
Fixed the 'is' condition behaving incorrectly when used like 'x is NOT y, .., OR z'
Fixed self-registering events ('at <time>', 'every <timespan>') not being unloaded when reloading all scripts with /skript reload
Fixed an exception in the teleport effect
Fixed characters being capitalized directly after dots (i.e. without a whitespace inbetween) which broke URLs

commit: https://github.com/Njol/Skript/commit/e25cffb0f4a20247204fed35cdc2dc610a1f87bd

The default location of many block events is at an entity and vice versa. I know the cause but not how to fix this tidily.
The damage in damage events is still the raw damage, i.e. without any armour/critical/enchantment modifidicators applied.
If no world is specified in a periodical event no errors are printed if one uses the event-world (e.g. by using 'time' instead of 'time of <world>'), but it will fail silently when the script is executed.

see also: https://github.com/Njol/Skript/issues?labels=bug&page=1&state=open