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    Jul 17, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


- New Features:
Custom commands now use my parser
Added entity data (e.g. one can now use angry wolves, powered creepers, different villagers, etc.)
Added a /skript reload command to reload the main config and all scripts
Added expressions 'last spawned entity' and 'line # of <block>', whereas the latter can currently only be read and cleared, but not set

- Changes:
'Trigger files' are now called 'scripts', end in '.sk' and are located in the 'scripts/' folder
The main config also now ends in '.sk'
Variables are now stored in a csv file
Merged right and leftclick into one event such that one can now use 'on click on ...'
'The entity/player/etc.' cannot be used in damage events anymore, one has to use 'attacker' or 'victim' respectively
Several changes in the API, e.g. removed LoopExpr - all expressions can now be looped
Block loops now loop from bottom to top and not from left to right (whatever 'left' or 'right' is)
'Argument #' can now also be accessed as 'argument-<type>' or '<type> argument', e.g. 'arg-player' or 'player argument'
'Targeted block' is now stored during an event, resulting in faster execution and no unexpected results when changing any blocks in the player's LOS. The current targeted block can still be accessed with 'future targeted block' or 'targeted block will be/will not be/etc.'.

- Fixes:
Fixed CheckedIterator and BlockSphereIterator (and AABB for that matter)
Skript now throws an error if it is reloaded by some plugin manager that doesn't reload the plugin like CraftBukkit does
Fixed inventory handling, e.g. 'can hold' does not change the inventory anymore
Improved the handling of items that have multiple IDs, e.g. cauldron block/item or redstone torch on/off
The parser doesn't exit anymore if an expression's init() method printed an error, allowing for more complex patterns
Fixed expressions' 'and' state - most expressions don't even have it and others inherit it from others
Fixed furnace slots
Fixed clickint on air not being checked for being cancelled by other plugins correctly
Fixed clicking on an entity causing 2 click events - one for the entity and one for air
Fixed ambiguity of variables that have expressions in their name
Fixed not being able to heal or damage an entity by '# hearts'
Fixed the expression '# of <item>' conflicting with ItemType's '# of <alias>'
And many other small fixes

- Drafts:
Added drafts for unit testing

See also: https://github.com/Njol/Skript/commit/36fea8da8a215ecb0278b55efc8cf4af2786a61e

- Known Issues:
The default location of many block events is at an entity and vice versa. I know the cause but not how to fix this tidily.
The damage in damage events is still the raw damage, i.e. without any armour/critical/enchantment modifidicators applied.

see also: https://github.com/Njol/Skript/issues?labels=bug&page=1&state=open