Skript 1.0 pre-1


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    Feb 16, 2012
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  • CB 1.1-R4


Whole changelog until this version:

v1.0 pre-1 (16 Feb 2012)
Syntax changed completely. It is now much more natural and allows to make complex statements while being still understandable
The syntax change required a huge rewrite of the code which also made expanding it easier
v0.2a (3 Oct 2011)
Made debugging easier
new Variables entity, world and attacker
effects prefixed with a dash stop execution of a trigger if they can't be fulfilled.
many bug fixes
v0.1.2a (25 Sep 2011)
new event periodical
new condition time, effect settime and variable time
new effects cleardrop, spawn
API: variable is now a class
v0.1.1a (25 Sep 2011)
aliases can now also be a group
added verbosity option
v0.1a (24 Sep 2011)
First working version, so I decided to start a changelog.

Some conditions/effects/etc. don't work
many comparators are missing