skRayFall v1.7.4


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    Jan 16, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


What's fixed/updated?

  • Per line editing in holograms: “edit holo object %string% [with] line [number] %number% to %string% [and set interactivity to %boolean%]”
  • Delete a line in a hologram: “(delete|remove) line %number% in holo object %string%”
  • Get the line of a hologram: “text in line %number% of holo[gram] [object] %string%”
  • Setting a normal bossbar: “set bossbar named %string% for %player% to %number%”
  • Setting a timed bossbar: “display bossbar with %string% to %player% for %timespan%”
  • Deleting a bossbar: “delete bossbar of %player%”
  • Getting the value (0-100) of a player’s bossbar: “bossbar of %player%”
  • Give the player a cape. The Item stack in this effect MUST be a banner. “make %player% wear cape %itemstack%”
  • Playing a resource pack sound effect. Suggested and coded by virustotalop here: for the pull request! “play (resource|[custom ]sound) [sound] pack %string% to %player% [at %-location%] [(and|with) volume %number%] [(and|with) pitch %number%]”
  • Get the players armor value “%player%['s] armo[u]r value”
  • Get the number of enchantments on an item “number of enchant[ment]s on %itemstack”
  • Get the presentable info of a specific enchantment number of an item “info of enchant[ment] %number% (of|on) %itemstack%”
  • Get the number of items in a player’s inventory that are an absolute match to a sample item. To match they must have the same enchants, name and lore. “(absolute|complex|abs) number of %itemstack% in %player%['s] (inventory|inv)”