skRayFall v1.7


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    Sep 20, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


What's new?

  • New EffectLib animated ball effect: ‘(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) animated ball (effect|formation) (at|on|for|to) %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle %effectlibparticle%] [offset by %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%]’
  • New EffectLib wave effect: ‘(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) wave (effect|formation) at %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle[s] %effectlibparticle%]’
  • New EffectLib Line effect: ‘(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) line (effect|formation) from %entity/location% to %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle[s] %effectlibparticle%]’
  • New EffectLib circle effect: ‘(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) circle (effect|formation) (at|on|for) %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle[s] %effectlibparticle%] [(and|with) radius %-number%]’
  • New EffectLib tornado effect: ‘(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) tornado (effect|formation) at %entity/location% with id %string% [with tornado particle[s] %effectlibparticle% and cloud particle[s] %effectlibparticle%] [(set|and) radius %number%] [(set|and) max height %number%]’
  • New particle system! Finally, skRayFall now has a better, refreshed and more powerful particle system. This new system uses elements from the EffectLib to speed things up and provide support across many versions. Now nothing is off limits. You can now add colored particles or item stacks to certain static particle effects! These particles are now visible to everyone. ‘(create|display|show) %number% [of] %effectlibparticle% particle[s] at %location% [(with data of %itemstack%|with color %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%)] [offset by %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%] [(with|at) speed %number%]")’
  • New Client side particles! Show particles to targeted players! ‘(create|display|show) %number% [of] %effectlibparticle% particle[s] at %location% for %player% [with data of %itemstack%] [offset by %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%] [(with|at) speed %number%]’
  • Added the ability to get an event-inventory in the on store and unstore events.
  • ID based scores. Now assign individual ids to lines in a scoreboard! This allows you to make massive text based score boards and manage the data quickly and easily! ‘(set|create) id [based] score %string% in sidebar of %player% to %number% with id %string%’
  • Edits ID based scores: ‘(edit|update) score [with] id %string% to %string% and %number%’
  • Delete ID based scores: ‘(delete|remove) score [with] id %string%’

What’s Fixed?

  • Fixed several null errors with citizens, these occurred when a segment of code would try to call a nonexistent citizen.