skQuery 3.21.4


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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


More Operators

# Conditional
%boolean% ? <object to return if true> : <object to return if false>
%object% ? <object to return only if the first object is not set>

# Equality
%object% == %object%
%object% === %object%
%object% > %object%
%object% < %object%
%object% >= %object%
%object% <= %object%


Inline more code with lambda expressions! Lambdas are 2 cool new types that allow you to embed code inside your code. There are two types of lambdas, lambdas, which contain effects, and predicates, which contain conditions. You can combine multiple lambdas or predicates, but only not both of them together.

# lambda of the message effect
[message "lambdas are fun :)" to player]

# lambda of two effects
[message "lambdas are fun :)" to player]->[message "code is life" to player]

# predicate of the has item condition
[player has stone]

# predicate of two conditions
[player has stone]->[player is op]

Currently, only 4 features support lambdas. However, addon developers can hook into skQuery and reap the benefits of using the lambda system.

do effect

# do %lambda%
# executes a lambda

do [message "lambdas are fun :)" to player]->[message "code is life" to player]

# is the equivalent of

message "lambdas are fun :)" to player
message "code is life" to player

check expression

# check[ed] %predicate%
# checks a predicate lambda

check [player has stone]->[player is op]

# is the equivalent of

if player has stone:
    if player is op:

where expression filter

# %objects% where %predicate%
# filters multiple objects that must match the predicate
# use the <type> input expression in lambdas here

loop all players where [player input has permission "test.test"]:

# is the equivalent of

loop all players:
    player has permission "test.test"

formatted slot integration

# you may now run a lambda instead of a command in formatted slots

format slot 1 of player with gold ingot to run [broadcast "lambda testing"]
  • Fix adding data to yaml lists
  • Fix NPE when using event values in lambdas in formatted slots
  • Fix UnparsedLiterals error when invoking subroutines and functions
  • Fix the literal iconcrack particle not accepting data