skQuery 3

skQuery 3

Control YOUR Server

Control Your Server

skQuery is an expansive addon to the popular Bukkit plugin Skript. skQuery picks up where Skript left off and exposes almost all of the Bukkit API to server owners. By using skQuery, you can have access to cutting edge server technology without adding more plugins or needing to learn how to code.

skQuery will never break the immersion of your server by sending messages with the plugin name. Combined with Skript, you can completely overhaul the look and feel your server to exactly where you want it.



  • Fully customizable scoreboards - Make scoreboards work the way you want it, and customize them to your heart's content!
  • Menus - Tired of other menu plugins with horrid configs? Try creating your own menus in the same way you would write a sentence!
  • Fully customizable maps - Undoubtedly one feature you'll never find in another plugin. Create maps customized with images and text to display server info, game stats, or whatever you can think of!
  • Plus over 100 more cutting edge features to you'd see on the latest and greatest servers!



To take advantage of all these features, just download and drop SkQuery.jar into your plugins folder with Skript. Then head over to the documentation and utilize any of the provided events, conditions, expressions, and effects like you would in a normal Skript script file. Take a look at this example using skQuery's fireworks capabilities:

# When a player dies
on death:
    # And has the permission death.fireworks
    if victim has permission "death.fireworks":
        # Launch a firework!
        launch creeper firework colored red at victim with duration 1

Before using any of these features, check out Skript to learn how to make a basic script. It's as easy as writing a few sentences!


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