With this plugin you can change your skin very easy! For example you see a player with a nice skin - Just sneak and rightclick him and open the link. Now his skin is also your skin.


SkinMe is 1.7.9 ready, but if you want to use the preview feature please download the lastest development build of Citizens because the older ones aren't 1.7.9 compatible! You can find them here:

How it works

This plugin connects to Mojang servers for checking user validity and retrieving skins. It uses an optional URL shortening service to create and short an URL. If you open up this URL you have to confirm to change your skin. ( Perhaps you have to login on )

This plugin only uses offical Mojang services to change your skin.


To use the new Preview-Feature since version 1.3.0 install Citizens

If Citizens isn't installed just this feature is disabled. Everything else works fine.


  • /skinme <Player> Change your skin to the skin of <Player>
  • /skinme <URL> Change your skin to the linked skin as a PNG File
  • /skinme view <Player> Spawns an Citizens NPC, so you have a look to the players skin
  • /skinme reload Reloads the configuration


  • = Permission for /skinme
  • skinme.command = Permisson for /skinme <Player/URL>
  • skinme.event = Permission to sneak-rightclick another player
  • skinme.reload = Permission to use /skinme reload
  • skinme.view = Permission to use /skinme view <Player>


The config also contains the possablility to change all messages.

  • allow_sneak_rightclick - Set this to true and players can sneak-rightclick others to get their skin.
  • allow_shortlink - Set this to true and the link in the chat will be shorten by
  • use_metrics - Set this to true and the plugin will send anonymous data to
  • messages.prefix ... - Just all messages from the plugin.

Plugin Metrics

In the newest version 1.1.0 there is plugin metrics support. That means my plugin sends anonymous data to This can be turned off in the config.


Plugin Stats


  1. Drag and drop this plugin into your plugins folder
  2. Restart the server
  3. Configure the config if you have to
  4. Restart your server again

Source Code

The source code of this plugin is available on my GitHub.


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