Example skins

Here are example skins.

Note: My friend sent this over Skype, I do not know where he got these from or if he made the list up himself. I also don't know if these work.

IcarusLooks like Ezreal from League of Legends
DominusJames from Pokemon. (Team Rocket)
MinerA well skinned miner.
GoblinAn orc/goblin.
CitizenOriginal Skin (Even with texture pack.)
JudgeFlash (the Super Hero from DC Comics)
GuardMaster Chief from the "Halo" series.
HerobrineThe so called "Herobrine", a rumour of Minecraft.
GodA skin that resembles Mojang's image of God
AlbertsMario type skin.
NotchNotch, the creator of Minecraft.
PigZombieMudkip from Pokemon.
DragonianerDaedric armour.
Pixelglitch1A miner with a red nose.
Dawdle2A skeleton.
assassins_kidAltair from Assassin's Creed.
KingCharlesA creeper in golden kings clothing.
OracleA regular creeper.
LibrarianAn ancient monk librarian in a red robe, with a big hood.
augphlosiomA knight.
BasicA tree man.
WolframRegular character in grey and has a visor.
HidendraCreeper in a suit.
DrakiaA blond haired guy in a medieval outfit.
QuafflePale dude in a suit.
JereqDude in a blue street clothes.