This plugin comes with an API to get, set and reset skins and display names.



  1. Right click your project on the Package Explorer and click Properties. (or press ALT+ENTER)
  2. Click on "Java Build Path" on the sidebar (left) of the properties window.
  3. Click "Add External Jars" (or "Add JARs" if you have a /lib/ folder) and locate SkinChanger.jar.
  4. Click Open (or "OK") and then "OK" again to close the Properties window.


  1. Load your project.
  2. Go to "File" then "Project Structure" or by default, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S.
  3. Go to "Libraries".
  4. Press the green plus sign. (may be a different colour depending on theme of IntelliJ)
  5. Press "Java".
  6. Locate SkinChanger.jar.
  7. Press "OK" and "OK" again.

How to use

When you want to use the SkinAPI class, you must import: com.faris.skinchanger.utils.SkinAPI

All methods in the SkinAPI class are static and so can be used without making an instance of it.


getDisplayName()playerGet the display name of a player.StringThe player's display name.
getSkin()playerGet the skin of a player.StringThe player's skin name.
set()player, skinUsername, displayNameSet the skin and display name of a player.booleanTrue if the setting of skins and display name was successful.
setSkin()player, skinUsernameSet the skin of a player.booleanTrue if the setting of the skin was successful.
setDisplayName()player, displayNameSet the display name of a player.booleanTrue if the setting of the name was successful.
reset()playerReset the player's skin and display name.NothingNothing.
resetDisplayName()playerReset the player's display name.NothingNothing.
resetSkin()playerReset the player's skin.NothingNothing.


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